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22 May 2011

Mango Milk Shake

Appropriate for the season, and for my busy schedule too! I think am very late to bring this, was thinking to post from the beginning of the mango season, now monsoon is about to start...:)

ripe mangoes 3 medium size
whole milk powder 5 Tbsps
sugar 1/2 cup or more
ripe mango pieces 2 Tbsps
chilled water enough

how to prepare,
Peel and chop mangoes.
Put them in the blender with milk powder and sugar.
Pour water until it reaches the top of mango pieces.
Blend well.
Pour this into a glass, put some mango pieces on top. Serve.
You can use chilled milk instead of milk powder and water.


  1. Looks yum it any time

  2. am making it quite often these days..i add a scoop of vanilla ice cream too..;)


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