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18 Jan 2011

Colocasia or Taro Curry / ചേമ്പ് മുളകിട്ടത്

I did not like colocasia or taro dishes during childhood when it was available plentiful at home. Now I crave for it and have to depend the grocery stores in town to get some. But the store-bought one is not tastier as the homegrown. Here most of the parts - stems, leaves and root- are used for cooking variety of dishes like morru curry, thenga arachathu etc. I love the dry version, ie, thoran or puzhukku, that's really delectable to take with the evening tea! Insha Allah, will post that recipe after getting few more taro roots.. :) Since taro roots are highly nutritional, it is good to add it in your diet. This is a very simple method of making taro curry, have posted a similar one with jack fruit seeds earlier. Try that too. All the best!

Ingredients needed,
chembu /taro root pieces 2 cups, peeled and washed
tamarind 1 gooseberry size / as desired
chilly powder 3 tsp or / as per taste
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
curry leaves few
mustard seeds

How mom prepared it,
Soak tamarind in water and extract the pulp.
Cook chembu/taro in enough water to cover with salt, tamarind pulp, red chilly powder and turmeric powder.
Cook well and mash few pieces.
Now you get a thick curry.
Heat oil , splutter mustard seeds, fry curry leaves and pour over curry.


  1. This sounds wonderful,delicious and mouthwatering chembu curry.

  2. My mom made the same thng,and now a staple at home,but we call it pulinkari. In the final garnish, we splutter some fenugreek seeds along with the mustard. Try it, it adds an extra zing.
    This is comfort food. :)

  3. You’re right Seena, homemade cooking is best, and if we all learnt how Mom made food, we would not have half of the lifestyle related problems we are facing today. Homemade soups are also delicious, and are so good for you. Check out some expert tips and suggestions on healthy eating habits at

  4. Seena
    I have only tamarind extract paste. How many teaspoons should I use?
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks Geeta, for the suggestion. I had posted a pulinkari recipe earlier, check that too.
    Thanks Suja and knorr soup,,

    MJ, sorry for the belated reply. Was busy, busy... :)
    I think 1 Tbsp will be enough, not sure though, we wouldn't use the ready made tamarind paste.. :)


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