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18 Jan 2007

chakkakkuru mulakittathu / jack fruit seeds curry

Jack fruit seeds / Chakkakkuru - 1 cup,
chilly powder - 2 tea spoon,
turmeric powder - 1/2 tea spoon,
tamarind water - made with one lemon size tamarind in two cup water,
curry leaves - few,
mustard seeds,
coconut oil -1 table spoon. (Instead of tamarind we can use raw mango, here mango - 1 is enough)

Uncover and peel the seeds.
Cut into two. Cook with tamarind water , powders and salt.
Pressure cook till done.
Mash the seeds to make a semi thick solution.
Add little more water if needed.
Boil again.
Heat oil ,splutter 1 tea spoon mustard seeds , add curry leaves, pour into the solution.
Goes well with rice and chapati.
A moru curry or other yellow curries plus rice will be a good combination with this curry.


  1. Hi Seena,
    I got jackfruit from our neighbour and soon searched your blog and got this nice and simple recipe. I prepared this curry yesterday night, it came out very well, of course i did reduce the chilly powder to 1tsp.
    You know, my hubby asked me its very good, from where did u get the recipe? i said from Seena.. he says.. Seena ulladondu rekshapettu..alle. yes indeed!!

  2. Nimi , your comment brought a big smile.. :)
    athey, this recipe is mom's favourite, and since this is chakka season, most of the days she is preparing this curry.. but I don't feel bored of it, I always love it with rice.. :)

  3. Hi,
    I had some Jackfruit seeds and was looking for a recipe without raw mango. I found your recipe very interesting and have tried it out. It's a good variation! The tamarind taste is just great with the jackfruit seed.

  4. Welcome,Shirley!
    thanks for trying out this and letting me know.. its nice to know your fbs, trying out more from here.. :)

  5. this is one fantastic recipe, tried this today and it was delicious.

  6. thanks Indosungod!
    this one I love much esp. when mom makes! :)


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