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30 Aug 2010

Kaayappola / Pazhappola / Egg and Banana Sweet

Few ingredients and a wonderful dish! Once you have, you will crave for it...
This is also known mutta marichathu in Malabar. Don't know what is the difference between kayappola and mutta marichathu, hope some experts could help.. :) Try using non stick pressure cookers or pans while preparing this to avoid sticking.
Am little busy, thats why not responding to your queries, please bear with me. Will try to reply you once when am free, insha Allah.

Ingredients used,
bananas 2
eggs 3
cardamom 3 no. powdered
sugar 2 or more Tbsp
ghee 2 Tbsp
raisins few
cashew few

How to prepare,
Boil bananas in little water.
Drain water when cooked and allow to cool.
Chop bananas into small pieces.
Heat 1 Tbsp ghee in a pan, roast cashews and raisins.
Take them, keep aside.
Next, fry the chopped banana pieces in this , flip over to do both sides.
See pazham vaattiyathu recipe.
If needed, add more ghee for this.
Then break eggs into a bowl.
Add cardamom powder, sugar and beat well.
Add the bananas , cashews and sugar to this.
Heat a pressure cooker, grease it with remaining ghee.
Pour the mixture into it.
Put lid, without weight.
Cook this on a very low flame for about 15 minutes.
Check occasionally by inserting a tooth pick to know the dish is cooked inside.
When done, allow to cool.
Transfer to another pan to serve.


  1. assalamu alaikum seena tha,this looks very simple and tastyy..i will try it soon inshaallah..i made naadan chicken curry 4 my iftar party,it was really a big hit..thanx a lot..regards lifa

  2. I have had this once before and loved it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Looks yumm!

  3. my favorite one...yum yum yum......for us this is mutta marichathu...this itself is made in few different ways.1-adding raw banana as such,chopped, second by adding after frying them. for us , Kaippolla is made using ground nenthrappazham:)...Ooooooohhh...eniku vishakkunnu seena!

  4. good article for the season.
    best compliments

    jp uncle @ trichur

  5. hi Seena....

    your food look yummy... and I loved the way you capture it, I have some banana trees on my backyard, cant wait the bananas getting ripe, and trying your recipe

    visit my blog to on

    and tell your opinion about my post


  6. assalamu alaikum itha,i tried was very tasty...every1 loved..didnt hav a non stick cooker,so i heated my dosa tawa,placed my cooker above it..kept in low cooked evenly,din get burnt ...i also tried unnakaya,it was so delicious that i couldnt get one even to taste..hmm pity..both these dishes were very simple yet verrrrrry delicious..thanx a ton..lifa

  7. Do I have to directly add the mixture to the cooker, or do I have to use a vessel which is then placed inside the cooker?

  8. Jisha, add the mixture directly into a greased pressure cooker. Check the above comments to know in detail.. all the best!

  9. Hi Seena,
    I am a very big fan of your recipes.
    Can you please post the recipes of mutta mala .


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