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9 Jul 2010

How to Store Curry Leaves?

Two months back, one of our neighbors knocked our door with some small branches of a curry leaf plant.I was confused seeing her in that state, what prompted her to come our home with this much curry leaves? Before asking she said,"my cousin is staying in a villa in Dubai, and lots of plants are growing around their home, and these curry leaves are from there! You can keep this more than one month if you store in a bottle..........."
WOW! That was true, the curry leaves had a long life, when I kept as she said! It was a real helpful tip, since I usually throw plenty of dried leaves which H brings from vegetable market.Thanks to R for helping.

How to store Curry leaves? Here is the way :-
First, wash the leaves in plenty of water.
( heard very poisonous pesticides have been sprayed on curry leaves, so wash well.)
Wash and keep it in the strainer for some time and allow all the water to be drained well.
Take a clean dry glass jar and store the curry leaf stalks in it.
Keep the lid closed and store in the refrigerator.

Please leave your comments with your experience in storing curry leaves using other methods...


  1. Seena
    the same method I am following for years...the tip got from my mother in law. its a great thing to post it like this may be helpful to others also....

  2. thats a good idea.i usually store curry leaves in a tiffin box lined with a sheet of kitchen tissue and i place another sheet of kitchen tissue on the curry leaves,and then place the lid.i change the tissues when they get soaked in moisture.i feel it is a good way to store curry leaves for long.

  3. this really works..


  4. I don't get always curry leaves here so when hubby goes to London he brings back loads from the Indian shop there and I freeze them for almost 6 months and each time i need some i just open the bag and take few.

  5. Thanks for the tip dear.. Most of the times my curry leaf goes bad sitting in the refrigerator..

  6. Thanks a lot for the nice and useful tip Seena!

  7. Nice tip....will try it out, Seena. Usually, I end up making karuveppila podi with the extra leaves or just throwing away the ones that wilt.

  8. hi seena

    this is the common method i believe which everybody does. i shall ask beenaamma and come back if she has any novel idea?

    best regards
    jp uncle @ trichur

  9. Thank goodness, someone finally told me how to keep curry leaves fresh. I end up putting them in the freezer where they turn black (although the flavor is retained).

  10. Hi Seena, The method i use is little different but it also helps to keep curry leaves intact for long time....Wash the curry leaves in water and drain the water well.Now put tissue paper in an air tight container and layer the curry leaf stalks...put another tissue paper above that.Close the container tightly..

  11. Hai seena
    This tip is used by me...It is from my mother in law I got the tip...anyway glad to see the post it may be helpful to others...

  12. hey seena, i am a regular visitor of ur blog but have never left any comments...first time...thanx for letting us know on how to store curry leaves...i too store them in an airtight container lined with tissue paper at the bottom of the box..cover it another tissue and place the lid...they keep well for a long time...btw, I store coriander leaves too the same way as curry leaves but after chopping away the bottom of the stalk near the roots..

  13. :)My mom always did this and so do I:) know its stays fresh almost a month! You can also freeze them. They will lose the colour when frozen, but the flavour is just intact....

    So how are u? news?

  14. wow that indeed is a great tip Seena ! I too end up wasting some of the leaves (spinach )...curry leaves are considered so precious like treasure in this part as its so costly !

  15. that's good to know Seena, I will do this with the curry leaves at home.

  16. thanks Seena for the tip.. i was looking for the tip to store the coriander leaves also, which I got from the comments...

  17. Dear Seena, Here's another tip.Remove the leaves ,wash well, drain in a colander then on a towel and store and I find they stay longer than with the stalks.This is a tip given to me by a friend here in Canada whosays she had them for 2 months in the fridg; when she went to India!

  18. Thanks for ur tips seena. I would like to know how to store Hari Mirch (Green Mirchi)..?

    1. Hi not sure if you got the answer...The day I buy chillies i just remove the stem of the chillies and for extra precaution store them between 2 kitchen towels in a ziplock back in the fridge. Trust me they stay put for a very long time. If I have excess, I just grind them in the mixie (I will be VERY careful while doing this) put them in 2 airtight containers, one goes in the freezer and one stays in the fridge for my immediate use. Amazing in Kadhi etc. Hope this helped :-) Chitra.

  19. i used to do this..
    but some times leaves become bad in black color.

  20. Thanks for the tips


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