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24 Sept 2009

Soya Chunks Dry Curry

DH has some nice friends who cook well. Thats why he survives without depending restaurant food in my absence.(he buys it when am with.. :)) They would often talk about one among them, who chops lots of onions and tomatoes before deciding what to cook.. :) And he too would say, I put whatever ingredients which are reachable, even without knowing what are they.. :) Yeah, am coming to the fact, I just remembered this guy's talks while making soya chunks curry.. I didn't like soya chunks and always thought it is hard to make these chunks tasty.. I always added 'whatever ingredients' like the above told guy while making it.. I tried soya chunks biryani too, and ate the rice part only.. Here is a simple soya chunks curry, which tasted good next day.. I think it takes much time to absorb all the goodness of the spices used.. More over I added a little of leftover chicken curry to that.. hm, you can decide the taste.. :)
One more thing, many are taking too much of soy products because of the high protein content, and other nutrients. I know from some people that taking too much of soya products led them to kidney stones and other health related problems. So beware of including much soya in your food.

Ingredients needed
soya chunks 1 cup
onion 3
tomato 2
garlic paste 1 tsp
ginger paste 1 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 tsp
coriander powder 2 Tbsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
garam masala powder 1/2 tsp
pepper powder 3 tsp or as desired
coriander leaves chopped 2 Tbsp
thick coconut milk 1 cup
water to cook

How to prepare
Soak soya chunks in water for 2 hours.
Squeeze and remove water.
Chop them into four pieces.
Chop onions, tomatoes finely.
Heat oil, saute onions.
Saute garlic and ginger paste when the onions are transparent.
Stir for a while, add tomatoes and all the powders except garam masala and pepper.
Stir for few seconds.
Add soya chunks with enough salt.
Add 1 cup water allow to cook.
Check and if the water is reduced and chunks are not cooked well, add little more water to cook well.
Add garam masala and pepper to this and mix well.
When the curry turns thick and the chunks are cooked, add coconut-milk.
Allow to boil for few seconds and add coriander leaves to this.
When the curry turns thick, remove from fire.
I don't know the actual cooking time for soy chunks and I cooked it for a long time, if you know please leave a comment.


  1. I have always seen soya chunks as a veggie version of meat. Curry sounds delicious with all those spices in there.

  2. i always had a negative image about soy chunks after those disgusting curries they served in my hostel..have never been able to get out of it. This one does sound good and looks like it has actually absorbed the flavors well. Maybe its time for me to revisit!! :)

  3. Hello,

    I did hear about the kidney stones and other problems if you use too much soya products. But since I am a hardcore fan of soya, we do include it to some extend in our foods, mainly because the protein in-take through non-veg in our home is much less. But I do wonder how much these researches are reliable. I remember few years back they said tomato causes too many prob and the latest research say, it is the new super food. I think any food is good if had in moderation. After all, the saying goes, adhikamayal amritum visham! :)

    About Soya chunks! Boil the water till big bubbles starts coming and remove from fire. Put soya chunks into it and cover for around 15-20 min. Drain that water and wash soya chunks in cold water once and squeeze away the excess water. And proceed to cook as per your recipe.

    You can even marinate cooked soya chunks with any masala and can be cooked like you cook any beef dish. Beef used to be my fav(still is) but since I am supposed to be on a healthy diet, I tend to stick to soya chunk, when the craving hits! :)

    The photo looks absolute mouth-watering. :) I do make it in an almost similar way, but have never tried with coconut milk. Will try i t next time and let you know.


  4. Hey, dear

    What you said is correct about the soya chunks, eating to much of it is not good for health. Here in Malaysia we use alot of soya chunks and soya byproduct for the veger meals.


  5. seena,
    i always cook soy chunks separately in a cooker with little turmeric and salt for one whistle.after sauteing all masalas i add the chunks .
    ur version looks simple.

  6. This dry curry is new to me...I have made a differnt type of curry with peas...your version looks delicious Seena :)

  7. Dear...ithenteyum fav anuuuuu.......mikkapozhum undavum soya vachulla endengilum.....cutlet vare.....hmmm endayalum looks YUMMMYYYY...

  8. hai.....seena,i am a fan of ur site
    i like ur healthy cook & news

  9. Love soya chunks...this recipe looks too good, a must try version for me...

  10. Hello Seena, nice one, though I don't cook soya chunks much...haven't been here for a while..good to see the new layout!

  11. Hi Seena, You have a lovely space here. soya chunks is my daughter's favorite and this looks yummy :-)

  12. ithu kollallo! cheythu nokkatte :)

  13. Belated Eid wishes Seena. The dry curry looks delicious.

  14. Lovely recipe Seena the curry loooks real good. :-)

  15. i prepared it and it turned out well...good substitute for beef curry [occasionally]...

  16. Femina, Glad to know you tried it soon! :) thanks! When comes to Gvr? :)

  17. i'm planning to go to Guruvayur by Nov. last, insha Allah.what about u? would like to meet u one day. if Allah wills that shall happen, right?
    by the way, ur site is becoming better day by wishes.

  18. Hai Seena, as a vegetarian who has not touched 'beef' & stuff, I used to hate soya, but I've come to my son's house & there is this packet of soya chunks staring at me on the shelf !
    Not knowing what to do with it & without having the mind to throw it away, (My son wants proteins - is health conscious - goes to gym) I searched the internet & got this recipe. I'll try it. Thanx for the same. BTW, you are in Guruvayur ? wow !

  19. i tried this recipe and thought it was so good but was so upset because i forgot to add this page to favourites!! lol anyway - spent days trying to remember the search terms and here it is. so pleased - the food was very tasty. very grateful to you for publishing this.

  20. thank you, for your recipe..have a great life.


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