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31 Aug 2009

Banana Cake - Pressure Cooker Method

What would you all take for iftar? I am always trying to follow a simple menu, but some times I had to break my pledge to have 'little' for iftar! Spicy snacks are my weakness, if I see them I forget all other - whatever - healthy things around! So we planned our daily iftar without snacks, but prepared in 3 or 4 days only.. Lemon juice, which I love much than other juices, few water melon pieces, a glass of kheer / tharikkanji (if it is there), thats all, I finish in that, and wouldn't touch other fruits.. :)
I hope you all may love these golden beauties, which is a gift from a lovely friend Mansiya! She is a hard working girl who gave us a wonderful feast during our last vacation in Dubai. She cooked about 15 or more Kerala sadya dishes for the lunch! More over she prepared this banana cake , which is totally delicious! This was cooked in a presssure cooker, and don't know about cooking this in an oven, so any one know about it , please leave your remarks.. :)

Ingredients needed
Banana 3
eggs 6
cardamom powder 2 pinches or 3 cardomams
sugar as per taste
cashews few
raisins few

How she prepared it
Peel and chop banana into long or round thin pieces.
Heat little ghee in a frying pan.
Fry the banana pieces in that.
See the procedure for making 'pazham vaattiyathu'.
When it is done allow to cool.
Break and keep the eggs in a bowl.
Blend it together with cardomam ,sugar and roasted banana.
Keep aside.
Heat a pressure cooker.
Grease the bottom and sides (use little ghee).
Pour the blended solution into this.
Sprinkle cashews and raisins over this.
Close the lid.
Do not put the weight.
Cook on a low flame for few minutes.
You have to take extra care at this time, excess heat may burn the mixture.
After few minutes (I think less than 10) if you notice a nice smell, switch off the fire.
Allow to cool.

Ask me before going to make this, if you have any doubts, hope, I can clear it with M.. :)


  1. Oh wow cake in the cooker interesting and looks delicious too.. easy one too.. will try it out.

  2. pressure cooker method works well for vanilla cake also, a friend recently posted it :)

  3. assalamualaikum seena...wel all ur recipes r really gr8..but seena drinking lemon juice during iftar is not good for ur stomach[ drinking any kind of citrus fruit juices like orange ,lemon etc]..because due to fasting ur stomach will b highly this acidic nature if u add more acidic[citric acid] ll harm ur try avoiding waiting 4 ur more mouth watering noombu recipes..shahna.

  4. Can I get one piece from that? Looks so soft and Yummy.


  5. Wow never made banana cake in a pressure cooker before, has come out lovely!

  6. Nice pictures...thats a very delicious-looking cake...healthy too when fasting :)

  7. Interesting recipe, Seena! I was expecting flour to be an ingredient in this recipe. But tell me, doesn't it taste/smell eggy?

  8. nalla manaporutham..last week jaanum oru banana dish undakki..udane post cheyunnu undu:))

  9. Dear Shahna,
    thanks for the comment, but have to tell you more about that, hope to see in the next post, insha Allah! :)

  10. No, Sra dear! No egg smell.. I didn't feel so.. :)

  11. so different cake..without flour...looks very nice.

  12. Assalamualikum,
    Lovely looking cake mashalla..Do we use plaintains or ordinary bananas for this dish?

  13. Wow...the cooker cake looks yummy!

  14. Ordinary bananas, Sabida! :)

  15. is this nendra pazham or chiquita which we get in dubai?

  16. Looks delicious Seena, nice that you used the pressure cooker. :-)

  17. Hi seena, Fiiiiiiinally installed google chrome. Commenting works fine now. I thought it was plantain cake. Wud like to get the answer for anon's question....About banana, which banana did u use?chiquita?nenthrappazham?...if chiquita, how yellow colour?...i want to try this today if it is chiquita. And shud it be really ripe?100 chodyam chodichu vattaakkiyathinu sry ketto....I make a cake with plantains, u can see it in my blog, thats y so much of confusion

  18. Yeah it is our ordinary nenthrappazham, which should be enough ripe.. No Chiquita.. :)

  19. I tried a similar type of plantain cake but without frying the plantains. I think it works only on the stove.I used a regular non-stick pan with a tight lid instead of pressure cooker. I once tried it in the oven and it became so dry and tasted like a cardboard:( eventhough i set a low temperature...

  20. Hi,

    I am a follower of your blogs, and I have come across many recipes that I love using to alter my cooking sometimes.
    This cake can also be made in a Tefal (non- stick) vessel that most Malayalees use for biryani and such like. You can also cook it the way you cook the malabari biryani, by heating the bottom and top of the vessel, and that way, you can avoid burning at the bottom of the cake.

  21. Thank you Confused for the message.. :)

  22. can we do it without frying the banana.i mean just mashing it

  23. priya,
    if you don't fry bananas cook it by boiling. Good luck!


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