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10 Jun 2009

Easy Butter Chicken

Though I have posted a butter chicken recipe earlier, I had been looking for a simple recipe and found a similar one in two or three different websites! This is so easy to prepare, no frying needed.You can serve this thick gravy with rice, roti, parotta or bread!

Chicken pieces 1 1/2 cups
onion 2 medium sizes
tomato 1 big ripe
almonds 10
cashews 3
garlic paste 1 tsp / 3 big garlic cloves
ginger paste 1 tsp / 1 " ginger piece
garam masala 1/2 tsp
pepper powder 1/2 tsp
chilly powder 2 tsp - used kashmiri chilli powder
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coriander powder 2 tsp
curd 2 tsp
butter 1 Tb sp
water 1 1/4 cup
coriander leaves chopped 1 Tbsp

How to prepare
Clean chicken pieces.
Small boneless pieces of chicken will be good.
Peel almonds.
Chop onions.
Grind together tomato , almonds and cashews together in 1/2 cup water.
Heat little oil in a pan, saute onions until transparent.
Add garlic and ginger paste.
Stir well and add all the powders.
Stir for few seconds and soon add chicken pieces with salt.
Mix well until the chicken pieces are coated with the masala , and continue doing this until the color of chicken start changing.
Pour the tomato-almond-cashew solution into this with curd and remaining water.
Check salt and allow to cook until the chicken is done.
When it cooked well and oil separates, remove from fire.
Put 1 Tb butter and coriander leaves on top.
Serve hot!


  1. oh my the curry looks deliciously inviting

  2. Seena, surely looks very very delicious..clicked very beautifully!

  3. Wow looks like the restaurant version! I can almost get the yummy aroma here :) Bookmarked to try.

  4. Wow seena that looks so so creamy delicous. Beautiful to see and pure pleasure for ones taste buds.
    What more one can ask :-)

  5. wow ..Seena butter chicken so yummy ..tempting click...

  6. Yummy and creamy curry...looks very tasty :)

  7. wow..thats an easy one..and looks yumm...

  8. Wow Seena the butter chicken looks so creamy n delicious! Loved the colour! Perfect with roti/porotta!

  9. i always wanted to try butter chicken..always thought of it as a complicated recipe..this one sounds easy enough for me..;-)

  10. Wow! Looks very good. Very tempting too. I'll be trying it out very soon. Thanks for the recipe.


  11. My goodness, that looks so professional! Absolutely lip-smackingly good, Seena. :)

  12. I love your curry Seena and simple too. :-)

  13. Nice one Seena..I am so addicted to the Sanjeev Kapoor one,which I have in my blog..even tho it takes lil effort..But this is also a cool one thick n rich..I'll give this a try soon..:)
    Pinne..nattil varumbo njan angotta varan pone..enikku aa naadan mutton curry kke vachu tharane..;)

  14. the curry looks so perfect n creamy..

  15. Any type of Butter Chicken is always welcome at my place...ur version is much easier than the one I make. And yeah count me in along with Varsha for that feast ok??

  16. Sounds delicious, Seena. Almonds and cashews must be a great addition.

  17. Such a delicious and a rich and a yummy chicken dish!!! Hey send this to Viki's chicken event - the details here

  18. Butter chicken looks creamy n delicious!

  19. Hi Seena,

    I have tried the butter chicken recipe so many times but every time it turns out something else.. this time i am going to try this one.. looks amazing n my mouth is already watering... yummy...
    Thanx for posting this one!

  20. Thanks Anon, try out and let me know.
    I would love to see you with a name, just to identify you all my lovely readers.. so pls do. :)

  21. Nice and simple recipe. Prepared it. Came out really good. Try it out. Tastes good with chapatis

  22. Cool. This recipe is quite simple and easy to make. Thanks for the recipe. :)

  23. Hi Seena, i found your recipe after looking hi and lo for a simple butter chicken recipe. Would you allow me to link your recipe in my blog? Thank you and Happy Diwali

  24. Thanks Seena- you helped me simplify the process!! Great help you are and God bless you richly.. my butter chicken is cooking and hope the aroma entices everyone today :)

  25. thank u seena its to easy for me and all other guys who r living away from his fmly...

  26. i jst ate it was gr8... thanks...

  27. hi.. found this while looking for a butter chicken recipe.. i have never made chicken in my life and will try your recipe tomorrow.. i have only one question - i do need to marinate the chicken first right?

  28. Hi Seena,
    Thanx for this wonderful recipe..I tried it & it was an instant hit at the party with naans & rotis...My daughter loves it too since it's not too spicy...The creamy texture & the final dish is absolutely heavenly !! & all this with minimum effort & no marination? HEAVENLY :-)) THANX A TON !!!
    Bye,Take Care

  29. Hi Seena,
    Thanx for this wonderful recipe...It was an instant hit at the party with naans & rotis !! My daughter too loves it since its not too spicy !! The creamy texture & the yummy taste are absolutely incredible & all this with minimum effort & no marination? HEAVENLY :-))So I just couldn't help coming back & thanking you..Thanx once again.
    Bye,Take Care

  30. Hi ...seena
    I tried this out was great.the color and smell was superb but i cant seem to be getting the sweet taste in the curry.wat to do?


  31. Diana, I think adding little cream will be okay. not sure try and let me know.

  32. Hi Seena,
    I recently found your fantastic site and started trying your recipies. I tried your Chicken byriani and it was super delicious. But my butter chicken was not good, I followed the recipe, I dont know where it went wrong, it had a very stong taste of ginger, may be I should have sauted more!


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