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3 Jun 2009

Cabbage Dal Curry

Summer vacation is over, last week was so hectic with packing things, calling friends.. While getting up, only thought in mind was what to cook simply today,not in a good mood to try out any thing new, or to call grocery for things..I checked fridge and there were a piece of cabbage with a pale face and a capsicum waiting for their turn...I was afraid to leave it again thinking about the consequences if the DH finds it there..Yeah, this lazy soul takes veggies from the fridge because of two reasons, first one is blogging and next is because of the fear of checking.. :) Again after searching kitchen, found some masoor dal there, so thought about the birth of a cabbage dal curry, which should be a simple one for my readers..

used for Cabbage parippu curry
cabbage chopped 2 cups
masoor dal / chuvanna parippu / red lentils 3/4 cup
capsicum chopped finely 1 optional
onion 1
tomato 1
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
chilly powder 2 tsp
green chillies 2
curry leaves few
garlic clove 1 big
ginger 1/2 " piece julienned
cumin seeds 1 pinch
mustard seeds 1 tsp
coconut oil

How I prepared it

Cook dal with chopped onion, tomato, turmeric powder and salt in enough water.
Keep it aside.
Heat oil in a kadai, allow mustard seeds and cumin seeds to splutter.
Add chopped garlic and fry until it turns brown.
Then add ginger, curry leaves and slit green chillies.
Saute them for a while, until aroma of ginger comes out.
Add cabbage and capsicum with salt and chilly powder.
Stir and cook without adding water.
Water needed for cooking will come out from the cabbage.
when it is cooked well, mix it with the cooked dal mixture.
When this start to boil, remove from fire.
I sprinkled little coconut oil on top of the curry, since I loved its raw taste.. :)


  1. Cabbage dal looks delicious..never used coconut oil in making dal!!! m sure must have tasted yum yum!!

  2. Lovely dhal...looks so yummy and colorful :)

  3. Lovely dhal...looks so delicious and colorful :)

  4. Ha you gave birth to a new type of dal...that's awesome and I am sure it might have tasted awesome..nice idea to add cabbage to dal..

  5. Seena, this dal looks yum and quick. I love the use of coconut oil. The aroma is just mind-blowing! :)

  6. Cabbage dal looks so creamy n delicious Seena! Loved the addition of bell pepper! And great shots too :)

  7. This is a lovely way to use up some cabbage Seena. I love the colour, I bet it was so tasty. :-)

  8. Hey Seena,
    Thanks for dropping by to say hello.:D It's been a while since I came here.
    Your blog has a nice new look! Why packing? Going somewhere?

    I make this too sometimes...not too many other things I do with cabbage- besides thoran, of course.:)

  9. Dhal looks very nutritious and healthy... We sometime use Channa dhal too!!! nice color too!!!

  10. MashaAllah ur recipes are very tasty and ur simple steps makes me to prepare it easily.......after reaching here i tried ur recipes like fishmolee,fishbiriyani,red fish curry,chicken biriyani and biriyani chutney,tuna cutlets,beef fry,egg kuruma,kalthappam,green peas curry,drumstick is a long list..eadh recipekk feedback ezhuthanam ennariyunnilla..........all r perfect dear......

  11. Seena, dal and veggies combination is always very comforting and yet delcious. Lovely clicks!

  12. looks so comforting and yummy :)

  13. Cabbage n dal sound like a great combo!

  14. OMG! This looks super yummy. THANK YOU!!!!

  15. Looks so delicious & colorful . Its a great combo .

  16. A new dish!!looks delicious..will try it out..

  17. i love this combo of cabbage and moong dal. Have never tried adding capsicum to this. next time will ttry :)

  18. Never had this combo before. Looks very yummy and delicious!

  19. Oh you have changed the look...its great!..and a lovely dal no doubt..we often make this too..though I dont' remember it looking as pretty as this!

  20. Hi Seena,

    Have you ever tried adding a little ground coconut and jeera paste to this?
    I usually make this with green gram dal. Will try to use masoor dal the way you did and see for myself.
    How are you? Long time and no news?

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  22. Good and simple recipe. prepared it, its really good with chapatis

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