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8 Mar 2009

Koonthal Ularthu / Squid Cooked In Coconut Milk

A simple Squid / koonthal Recipe for you this time, which I got from a news paper clipping. Though my favourite with squid is always the koonthal roast, I loved to take this with pathiri or chapathi.


kanava / koonthal 1/2 kg
onion 2
tomato 1
ginger 1/2 " piece
garlic cloves small 4
green chillies 3
pepper corns 1 tsp
fennel seeds 1 pinch
garam masala powder a pinch
coriander leaves chopped 2 Tbsps
coriander powder 11/2 tsp
chilli powder 1 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
coconut milk 1/2 cup thick
vinegar 1 Tbsp

How to prepare
Cut and clean squid.
Grind garlic, ginger , green chillies,pepper corns and fennel seeds together to form a paste.
Heat oil , saute chopped onions until golden brown.
Add ground paste, saute for a while. Add chopped tomato, squid pieces, ground paste, coriander and chilli powders , salt and vinegar. Saute for 1 minute and cook it with enough water. When the fish is cooked well and the water is reduced, add coriander leaves and coconut milk.
Stir until you get a thick preparation.Then sprinkle little garam masala over it.

See the koonthal / Squid Roast,


  1. It has been a long time since I had kanava meen, the squid gravy looks so tempting...

  2. Havent heard of this dish. looks spicy n delicious.

  3. this does look very delicious!!

  4. I havent evr tried this da..rubber pole anallo nnulla oru pedi..ithu kandittu I cant wait to try..:)

  5. We make dry fry Seena. Adding coconut milk brings the richness! Delicous :)

  6. Seena,ividokke undo dear ? koonthal kandu vellamirakkunnu..I used to make koonthal roast for chappathis..This is such a spicy gravy dear..(most of yours are rich)How is children doing ? Happy womens day.

  7. Seena! I tried your Tender Coconut drink recipe...It was so cool...Thank you for sharing it...

  8. haven't had this for so long
    good one

  9. I have never seen a squid curry before Seena it looks absolutley wonderful. :-)

  10. seena,
    this looks spicyand yummy..ivide kandittu undu.pakshe ithu vare kazhichitilla..

  11. My acquaintance with Mallu dishes remains limited to restaurants that serve them. This squid curry looks very tempting indeed and now I will have to look for it in the restaurant.

  12. sounds simple and delicious..never tried this..i think i ll probably sometime soon...

  13. Looks luscious and spicy ,seena.I never got to taste squid.

  14. Gravy looks delicious. Love the rich colour!

  15. Hi Seena,

    I love your blog with delicious malabar recipes. I love malabar cuisine. Could you post recipe for gothambu orotti? I heard one of my relatives makes this, and I want to learn how its made.


  16. Hi Christina,
    Thanks for commenting! Hope to post the "Godhambu Orotti" recipe soon.. :) keep visiting here.

  17. Fantastic looking curry... though I dont like squid, this one makes my mouth water!! Must be very tasty, isn't it?

  18. Koonthal Ularthu nekkal piralan ennalle cheruka??Pere enthayalum Sadhanam Super!! April 3 kazhiyumbol pls make this with pathiri,,kothiparikkan njan varam :)

  19. I've never made squid at home...both this and the roast looks very tempting...definitely gonna try this one soon

  20. Hi seena dear..Im a regular at ur blog..I always come to ur blog when i feel confused about what to cook.....ur blog is full of recipes that my husband wud love to have.....i wud love to try this one....Innu raathri pathiriyum koonthal curryum thanney aakkikkalayaam.....:)....will tell you how it comes out. Drop in my blog wen u get some time.
    ..It's nothing compared to yours....just a time pass..:)Kuttikalkku sukham alley?

  21. Hey, Chef...I just made ur koonthal curry and it's so delicious. Your husband and kids are really lucky. You know what....i just started tasting it little by little and ended up having my dinner alone...shud find some lie to tell my husband now.By the way, Im from Kannur.
    keep up the good work.
    take care.


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