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26 Feb 2009

Ilaneer / Tender Coconut Drink

Last year, during summer a sweet friend of mine Mrs.Meena Prakash had asked me for some tender coconut or ilaneer recipes to escape from the heat.At that time I was not aware of this drink, but had seen some dishes with it like puddings etc. But during last Ramadan this was prepared at home and I found it was very good for the body after a whole day's fasting.This would be a nice, cool and refreshing drink for all of you suffer excess summer heat! Enjoy Meena! :)

Ingredients used
Tender coconut 1
sugar according to taste
cardomam 1

How I prepared
Make a hole on the ilaneer (as usual we do for drinking) and pour all the sweet water to a cup.Cut the tender coconut / ilaneer. Remove the white fleshy part with a spoon.It is easy to do.Put this into the jar of juicer with the ilaneer vellam / tender coconut water, cardomam and enough sugar.Blend this until smooth. Sieve it if you like and add ice cubes also.


  1. Oh..sarikkum eduthu kudikkan thonnanu..miss this soooo much Seena..:(

  2. I too love this seena..Make often at home..Now i need one torturing seen..hmmm.

  3. superb mix it in a might feel like a thick milk shake i guess..

    let me go out and see if there are any coconut trees around ..aah...wrong place...:-(

  4. Wow delicious, would love to have a sip rite now..

  5. I too simply love this! and love that tender coconut inside:)

  6. yeah...i've had it before. it's really cool and refreshing!

  7. That's sounds so yum. We always ate the tender coconut pulp just like that in India, wish I knew this recipe! :)

  8. perfect for summer..i love the plain ilaneer you get in roadside stalls!!

  9. This sounds so delicious! I love anything coconut. Saving the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Seena, ethu kandittu eduthu kudikkan kothiyakunnu, evide karikku kittumonnu nokkatte :)

  11. Seena, ethu kandittu eduthu kudikkan kothiyakunnu, evide karikku kittumonnu nokkatte :)

  12. ithu super..kanaan nalla rasam undu.appokudichalulla karyam parayendallo:)

  13. Nice refreshing drink! Looks great.

  14. This must taste really good.

  15. Wow!! Seena I love this. Here in Chennai, tender coconuts ar around, surely i can make this.

  16. Hi Seena how are you?

    This is a lovely refreshing coconut drink. :-)

  17. Hi Seena..
    A real cooler!!!! Simple and nice one for the present condition over here....
    hope you are doing well...


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