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6 Dec 2008

Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is a simple dish, chicken prepared in some thick orange juice with soya sauce and pepper.The ginger and garlic adds extra taste to the dish.And the golden color was too good.

Orange Chicken Ingredients
Chicken 1/2 kg boneless
orange juice 3/4 cup
pepper corns crushed 1 1/2 Tb
pepper powder 1 tsp
garlic pearls crushed 5 small size
ginger chopped 1 1/2 tsp
soya sauce 2 Tbsp
rice powder 1/2 cup
maida / all purpose flour 1/2 cup
baking powder 1/4 tsp optional
chilly powder 1 tsp
coriander leaves chopped 2 Tbsp

Preparation Method
Cook chicken with enough salt, water and pepper powder.
Make a medium thick batter of rice powder,maida, chilly powder, baking powder , salt and water.
Dip chicken pieces in this and deep fry them until red and crispy.
Heat little oil, add cruhsed pepper corns.
Then saute garlic and ginger in this.
When the smell comes, add soya sauce and orange juice. Mix well.
Put fried chicken pieces, coriander leaves and mix well adding enough salt if needed only.
Remove from fire.
If this becomes dry after few minutes add little more juice to the dish.
And if the orange is too sour add little sugar too.


  1. ethu njan udane try cheyyunnundu....

    evide oru anakkam kandittu kurachu naalayalllo...thirakkano? (hehe..ennodu chodicha chodyam thirichittu alle :))

  2. ithu oru innovative dish thanne..:)

  3. We get in some Chinese menu this ora chicken, but ur dish is simply a killer!

  4. Hellooo Seena :) endundu vishesham avide?? Orange chicken adipoli ! :) Ithu nadan orange chicken anallo :) mmmm kothiyavunnundu kandittu:)

  5. This is a different chicken dish Seena. It looks really tasty and I love the range segments on the plate. :-)

    Is this a Kerala recipe?

  6. Hi seena how are you...

    My camera is old only,means bought in the begining when I started blogging...:)

    Think now a days,you are into nonveg dishes ;D

  7. WOwowowo they looks so DELCICIOUS.
    I wish i had that plate now with me.
    I am bookmaking this to make them.

  8. Seena, we think chicken this week:) I posted a chicken recipe too:) I love orange chicken a lot and have made it several times using different recipes, all were good. Yours sounds great too - saving it to try too. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Wow...this looks wonderful!

  10. a very new recipe for me and it looks yum!
    first time to ur blog and it is very nice!
    join in the sweet event going in my blog!
    do visit my blog when u find time!

  11. Now your orange chicken I would eat :)

  12. Dear Seena, belated Eid Mubarak! Hope you had a wonderful Eid inshallah. The chicken looks yummy!

  13. Wow!! Orange Chicken.....this is just delicious. its looking Scrumptious and I'm sure it'll be a big hit with the all of ages! Although I'm to a big fan of Chicken. I would like to try this. The Photos are amazing... I am already feeling hungry. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. Thanks Rumela, hope you will love this.. :)


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