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14 Dec 2008

Beetroot Pachadi

"I hate Elmo's mummy's hair", this is what my little boy comments if he sees some beetroot or red cabbage dishes!
Actually, I had never listened Elmo's mom.But after hearing his comment , I understood how much children notice their surroundings and other people.I believe kids always make their parents or other people as role models.So am trying my best to "behave well" in front of the kids,(we all are actors / actresses on one side, correct? ) And I am almost satisfied in that.I remember once I asked my daughter, why did you do this, she attacked me with the same question.. After that I tried to hide all my angers and other bad feelings from them. It was a success, and I could find out a mother can do lot of things in developing a child's behaviour.Now seeing other kids, I can analyse the character of their parents or the atmosphere where they grow.
Kids always love their parents or any other one, who play with them like a child.So don't be always serious in front of your kids and try to go to the level of the children in your behaviour, at least in your leisure.

This pachadi is simple but delicious and royal, which goes well with rice or chapathi.
I would like to send this to Ramki's blog event, hope this may be considered as a not complicated recipe.(Please skip the grinding step and just add curd instead) :)

Beetroot Pachadi Ingredients
Beetroots 2 medium size grated
small onions 5
green chilly 4
curry leaves 2 stalks
mustard seeds 1 tsp
uluva / fenugreek seeds 1/4tsp
dry red chillies 1

Grind together
curd 1 or 11/2 cups
coconut grated 1 cup
mustard seeds 1/2 tsp
garlic 1 clove
ginger 1/4 " piece

How to prepare
Heat oil. Allow mustard seeds and fenugreeks to splutter.
Break red chillies into two. Put them in the oil with curry leaves and crushed small onions.
Add chopped green chillies too and saute for a while.
Put grated beetroots and salt, stir and allow to cook on a low flame.
When it is cooked, pour the ground solution to the above cooked beetroots.
Mix well, when it is hot , remove from fire. No need to boil.
Add curd according to the thickness and taste as you desired.


  1. Lovely pink colour of the beetroot Seena. :-)

  2. Beautiful color, Seena. Gorgeous!! :)

  3. Endha oru niram....beautiful....

  4. സീന,ഇതു കണ്ടപ്പൊ മലയാളത്തില്‍ എഴുതാന്‍ തോന്നി..ഹൊ..കൊതിപ്പിക്കലാണല്ലോ അല്ലെങ്കിലും തന്റെ പണി..നല്ല നിറം,പിന്നെ രുചി ഊഹിക്കുന്നു..
    Thanks for your comment and enquiry on my blog..I was completely off with Mumbai tragedy..full time was sitting near television watching NDTV..even now am being haunted with horrible dreams..Sometimes i feel sorry to be born as a human being..

  5. Thats so cool seena,love the colour of the pachadi,at last heres a veg.recipe from you;D

  6. You are so right about kids picking up habits from their folks..I just realized mine has...

    Love the pachadi's colour.

  7. hi, i have a question on an old post of yours about roti canais:

    you said the key is in the kneading and rolling - how do i get the dough to become flexible/elastic enough to be kneaded/stretched that thin? do i knead for 10min? more? is it possible to over knead the dough?
    i've attempted to make these a handful of times and have never attained a dough elastic enough to stretch that thin. please advise.

  8. Anon, Don't have a name? :)

    Yeah, 10 minutes kneading is enough, but you have to use much strengh to make the dough soft. thats enough, keep it an hour as said in the recipe.
    The man prepared this dish, didn't even use baking powder, he said kneading well will work.. Good luck !!

  9. lovely..I was planning to make this n blog since long.adipoli..:)

  10. The pachadi looks so yummy and colorful...

  11. How colorful! This qualifies as the perfect health food. Nice.

  12. awesome colour. Lovely pacchadi:-)

  13. Lovely colour and looks delicious.Surely kids will love it.

  14. ok thanks so much for replying :)



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