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21 Dec 2008

Kalathappam / Rice flour Cake

Kalthappam / kalathappam is a famous snack from Kerala Muslim cuisine.It is kind of cake prepared by rice flour. Some prepare it without adding sugar, and take it with curries.At home,it is prepared as an evening snack especially for children coming from school.The aroma of fried small onions and coconut pieces are really appealing!I always loved this, and mom prepared this for me during my visit to her. She prepared it on the ordinary firewood stove top,(a furnace like stove without smoke).There are few other ways of cooking this, like baking, or on a gas stove.If you make it on a gas stove, use frying pans,oil it, cover and flip over the dish. Or you can make this in a pressure cooker too.

Rice powder 2 cups
jaggery 2 blocks or as desired
coconut grated 1 cup
small onions 4
egg 1 optional
cumin seeds 1/4 tsp
cardamom crushed 2 or powdered
coconut oil

Grind together,
coconut,2 small onions and jeerakam / cumin seeds with enough water.

Melt jaggery in little water and remove impurities.
Break egg into a pan.Mix with ground solution , rice powder, jaggery, cardamom powder and enough salt.The batter should be thick like idly batter. So add water according to that.
Chop 2 small onions.
Heat a heavy bottomed pan / chatti. Pour little coconut oil as we take for seasoning curries.
Fry chopped small onions in this.
Pour the batter into this.If you cook this on an ordinary firewood stove cover with a banana leaf / vazhayila and place a lid on it and put some coal over it.
Or you can bake this in an oven. check it is cooked and browned as you see in the picture.
Do add ghee roasted coconut pieces / thenga kothu for extra taste!

Cut into pieces and serve with tea when it is done.. Enjoy!

How to make kalthappam in a pressure cooker.
Somebody had asked me how to make kalthappam in a pressure cooker. I was not able to reply that time, and recently I tried it that way.. It was really easy to make.
Here is the procedure, do the seasoning first when the pressure cooker is hot, When the onions turn brown, pour the batter into that. Close the pressure cooker lid without putting the "weight".
Then pressure cook for 2 minutes on a high flame, then lower it , cook for about 5 minutes. After that put off the flame, keep the lid closed and allow to cool for some time... It was very easy to make, hope you too could try this way! :)


  1. I love all of the ingredients it looks really tasty.

    I would love to dip this into some curry. :-)

  2. Looks yummy..njan ente frien-nte veettil vachu ithu othiri kazhichittundu..:)

  3. halooooooon kure ayalloooo kandittuuuu kalathappam ugran vannal kurachu tharuvoooooo......

  4. Wow, this is so innovative! This has both jaggery and onions??? How did it taste?

  5. Seena,In fact i tried this one from Shaheen and now its a fav here at my home.But i used to make it in cooker.I was pretty surprised to see your version in 'Cheenachatty'..thats so cute and yummy.makes me feel at got any magic ? thats not only a snack,but for people like me,an easy way to escape from breakfast itself.(prepare before you go to sleep and serve in the is it ?)

  6. Nice recipe Seena.!!..looks yummy..InshaAllah I will try it soon..will mail u..

  7. I have had this once at my friends and loved it since then, thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  8. Hi Seena ..
    Kalathappam looks delicious...

  9. lovely recipe. looks delicious.

  10. hi Seena are you ! had always wanted tot ry this out ..but that was long time back during my study times, we ahd a north kerala muslim restaurant just next to our hostel, n we used to have this from there..later it was lost in memory, and ! thanks for sharing dear...

    hope you have a great new year n christmas ahead|!

  11. Seena,aa brinjal kaalan njan undakkeetto..ugran aayitundu..njan athu blogil mention cheythitundu.Thank you.pinne oru link to your yummy green peas masala..eppadi ?

  12. The ingredient pairing are really unusual like onion, jaggery, etc... I can smell the aroma of this delicious treat!

  13. looks yum!
    first time to ur blog and it is too good!
    do visit my blog when u find time and join in the savory event going in my blog!

  14. Hmmmm, this looks tasty. Is this a sweet or savoury dish?

  15. Hi Seena,how r u?
    Happy New Year to you!
    This recipe looks mouthwatering:)

  16. first time here...u hv such yummy recipes.........n this cake seems wonderful!
    wish u a very happy new year

  17. seenakkutty,why no news off late ? busily preparing for New Year ?
    Take care and have a wonderful year ahead..

  18. Hello Seenatha,
    wat plans for new year??Kazhinja kollathe pole valla kidilan post ready aakki vechittundo?

  19. Wish you a very Happy New Year seena... hope you are doing good...

  20. Something new and looks so yummy!

  21. I can almost taste it here. I have eaten this many times back in Calicut but never thought of making it.

    A very Happy New Year too.

  22. wow it looks heavenly rich and moist :) never had it before.

  23. Hai I'm first time here.ur recipe looks delicious.How can I make it in pressure cooker.

  24. I wouldn't make it in pressure cooker, through google serach I could find many do it, pls check for it.. thanks for visiting.. :)

  25. Kalathappam is not a muslim cuisin.It is prepared in northern kerala in almost all hindu houses....But with one difference.In kalathappam nobody will add egg and if u add egg andmake something,its not called kalathappam.Please dont use traditional names for the modern experimentations which you do.

  26. Hello anon,
    I have never seen any Hindu families in our neighboring area cooked this! Whatever the dish, its recipes vary from region to region, you know some adds baking powder to kalathappam, so it changes to be a different dish? Egg is added only to make the texture soft.Before egg was not added to pazhampori and ulli vada, now people do lots of such things to make the dish tastier.
    Please do a research on Malabar Muslim cuisine, so You can understand the long list of wonderful dishes including kalthappam.
    I don't want to answer you again, so please stop leaving such messages here.

  27. Seena;
    Have you tried baking it? Can you share with me how much time it took and in what temp. ?
    - Thank You

  28. Nitha,I haven't baked kalthappam yet.. If I tried it, will update the recipe, insha Allah.
    thank you! :)

  29. Ayyy.....Im making kalthappam(unsweetened one) today and thought i would do a search on site to see how others make it and came here......My husband loves this one and has been asking for quite a while to make this one. My mom adds sugar and his mom adds jaggery....Both are yummy....

  30. Hi Seena,Can this be made in Hawkins pressure cooker?I tried to make kalathappam,few months back in a hawkins cooker,by keeping a flat thawa under it.even after 30 mins appam was not ready.after 30 mins i switched off the flame and was very hard and brown at the bottom,but still sticky at the top portion.this time wanted to try u r recipe.but plz tell me,if i can try in hawkins cooker-Rani

  31. Hi Rani, sorry for being late to reply.. Surely you can make this in any pressure cooker.No need to place the tawa under the pressure cooker. I make it without using the thawa, just follow the instructions below the recipe.. :)

  32. hai seena,
    yesterday i made this in oven, its very simple and delicious,thanks for recipe

    sheeja kabeer

  33. Hi Seena, one quick question ... could u pls tell me what rice powder is used, just ordinary rice powder or is it roasted like pathiri or puttu rice powder. mehreen

  34. dear Sheeja Kabeer, thanks! it would be appreciating if you share with my readers how you have cooked this in the oven. pls mail me or share through the comment section. :-)

  35. Mehreen, use the ordinary roasted rice powder.

  36. hai seena,

    first step for kalathappam we can prepare in stove, then cover with banana leaf and keep inside oven ,need upper and bottom flame.keep medium flame 20-25 mts, then it will be ready.

    sheeja kabeer


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