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5 Jan 2009

Curd Rice / Thairu Saadham

Thanks to all friends who sent me New year wishes, sorry for not responding to you all promptly.
I was in hangover of some unexpected holidays that hubby and kids got. So I don't feel like posting any thing in the blog..Still don't have a plan to post what, this time..There are few recipes in the draft, some veggies, a cake, a payasam, some sweets and nons. Thats all. A lot of dining out has made me think about some simple dish, very very simple..Yeah, it is here.A tasty curd rice from our friend Lalitha is waiting for me (and you).Don't worry about the "muslim style" curd rice,our friend is a typical pattar woman (Tamil Brahmin) coming from "Kalpathi".She has prevented me from writing about her, other wise I will need a big part of my post to write about her.Ok,lets forget all the chickens and parottas , prepare the yummy curd rice this time.. :)

She told me to put this as my own recipe, but I don't want to do it.Read her own words..

That is, first cook rice(pachari choru okay, not motta chaval), after it becomes cold, add boiled and cold milk not the curd, mix well the rice and milk, after you mix well, add sufficient salt and a little curd(actually 75% milk and 25% curd to be added). Then do seasoning. I will write 2-3 types of seasoning.
1. Season with mustard, green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and coriander leaves
2. All items as in 1 + add a pinch of asaefotida powder(kaayappodi)
3. Mustard & Kondatta mulaku(Actually Kondatta mulaku should be fried very well, nalla pole black aavanam)

You try all these 3 methods first. S will like all these curd rice.Any method you make, after seasoning and everything is finished, just keep it for 3 - 4 hours to set and then use it. It will be delicious!


  1. Wow...simple and yummy! Real comfort food. Hope you had a wonderful new year.

  2. My favorite thing in the world... curd rice! Yum

  3. Best wishes for a fabulous 2009, Seena.

  4. Looks great..never knew they use milk in it..

  5. seena,so finally you are wonder why you opted for this comfort simple food after a long look awesome..and your friend is a friend indeed !!
    post all other recipes in the draft lazy seeeenaa...

  6. Love curd rice with achaar:)

  7. Curd rice looks so yummy with the pickle. Perfect dish after all the feasts and sweets during the holidays....

  8. Hi Seena! Happy new year:) I like thairu saadham.

  9. thairu sadham nannayittund kettoo ....i love to have this with lemon pickle ...simple meal ..
    then hw r u doing ...orkut il pinne knadilla ...
    Wish u a very happy new year

  10. seena,
    Happy new Year 2009!
    kurachu thirakilanu..hope u ahd a nice vacation ...
    thairu sadham adipoli aane..

  11. saadam...that was a simple but superb start....have a wonderful 2009...

  12. want the grab that bowl ,yummmmmmmmm

  13. Your curd rice looks really delicious Seena, Happy new year. :-)

  14. My all time favorite. I can eat it anytime and manage my life with this alone. hahaha, just kidding. Looks yummy with pickle.

  15. looks yum
    added u to my blogroll
    join in the savory event going in my blog

  16. Comforting food for a hot tired day!

  17. Yeah i was also on a break as it was holiday for shyama.
    I love curde rice with pickles , just hubby and daughter don't like them so i gave htem when i am alone for lunch.
    Which is never that often.

  18. Oh Seena, my mouth started watering the second i saw the pickle on yogurt rice, i want some now! :)))

    happy new year.

  19. Very simple and easy to make recipe. Good one to try.

  20. hi seena...i tried your curd was awesome!!!!!!...
    please tel me how to make the pachari choru without being sticky(for biriyani?)

  21. Keerthy!
    Don't use pachari, use biryani rice or basmati for making biriyanis. It is not sticky and you can add little oil / ghee / lemon juice while cooking to prevent sticking.. Check the biryani recipes here.. :)


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