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8 Jun 2008

Noolpputtu / Idiyappam with Pazham / Banana Sweet Curry

I hadn't seen this this curry until I visit mom this time.Fresh coconut milk with sugar is the most common accompanying dish for noolputtu in our place. Some take chicken curry or potato stew with it.
Once our neighbour called my father and his brother for breakfast on next day of his daughter's marriage. It is a usual custom among us to invite neighbors, relatives and friends for break fast or lunch with bride groom.They had served noolputtu and this sweet curry with other dishes like pathiri , appam, meat curries and other palaharams (snacks) etc. The men folk did not know what is this yellowish dish and they poured it to their plate with other spicy curries. Imagine the rest... :D
May be this dish is common in any other place and if you know how is it called please leave a message.. :)

Rice powder 1 glass
water 1 glass or less
salt enough
little coconut oil or ghee

How to prepare
Boil water.Sieve rice powder if it has granules. Add little salt to the rice powder. Pour boiled water into the rice powder. Knead it well by applying little coconut oil or ghee in palms.(using oil is not must).Make dough, take enough piece, press it through the idiyappam maker, steam them in idly making vessel.

Sweet Banana Curry Ingredients
Bananas / nenthrappazham 2
sugar enough
coconut milk 1 cup thick
cardamoms 2
shallots / chuvannulli 2
ghee 2 tsp
water enough to cook

How to prepare
Peel and chop bananas into small pieces. Cook it using enough water and salt. Mash it (not completely). Add sugar, crushed cardamoms and coconut milk. Heat and when it begins to boil, remove from fire.(use enough coconut milk for desired thickness).Heat ghee, fry chopped shalltos, and pour to the above curry.Enjoy with noolpputtu.


  1. hi seena,
    never heard abt this banana curry.looks delicious..

  2. though it takes time to make idiyappam, the taste is worth the efforts...

  3. What a great combo, bet it tastes Heavenly!:)

  4. Idiyapoom looks so good.
    Bababa curry is new to me.

  5. This is a YUMMY curry. Looks so good. Noolpputtu looks so good. Turned out so perfect.

  6. This banana curry sounds like pudding. I am sure it is delicious! Yum!

  7. this is only one mu fav breakfast dishes.

  8. Wow Seena , this looks WONDERFUL! I have never seen this kind of curry before it sounds so very delicious. :-D I wish I was your neighbour when you cooked these delicious recipes.

  9. Looks like a great variation! :)

  10. Hey...wonderful combo, lovely recipe dear!!!

  11. :) we make this "curry" often but mostly with the regular puttu. My mom just boils the cut banana slices with a dash of sugar and some grated coconut and elakai. There should be some watery gravy left to mix into the puttu.

  12. Hi Seena! Both the dishes look delicious... Banana curry sounds new to me...

  13. I have never seen anything like this "curry" before.
    Very unusual but the combination of bananas, cocnut milk and sugar must be heavenly.

  14. I am planning to make idiyappam and stew today:)

  15. Hi seens, Any good brand of rice flour you suggest. Many I tried, they are too sticky? I live in CA, LA, USA.

  16. Million thanks for this receipe.... it reminds me of my grandma who makes it for breakfast...jus tried...its simply awsome :)


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