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15 Jun 2008

Chemmeen Vazhuthana - Kadachakka Theeyal / Prawns Curry with Brinjal or Breadfruit

This theeyal is always prepared using breadfruit / kadachakka. In Kerala, most of the houses in the rural area would have a breadfruit tree along with papaya trees, plantain trees etc. Bread fruit is usually used to make thoran or varutharacha curry in our home. This is the similar one using prawns. When I craved for some breadfruit, I couldn't find one in the nearby supermarkets , so I just used brinjals instead and the taste was wonderful!
Actually tamarind / puli wouldn't be added in this type theeyal, but I needed a little of sourness to get a real fish curry taste.. :)

Chemmeen / prawns 250g
brinjals 4 medium size
onion 1/2 chopped
tomatoes 2 chopped
green chillies 2 slit
pepper powder 1 tsp
turmeric powder 1/2 tsp
chilli powder1 1/2 tsp
coriander powder 1 Tbsp
kudampuli 1 big piece or tamarind pulp as desired optional
coconut oil
mustard seeds
dry chillies
curry leaves

1 cup grated coconut
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
4 shallots / chuvannulli

How to prepare
Heat little oil, roast the ingredients together. Allow to cool, blend this with little water to make a fine solution.
Devein, wash and clean prawns.
Clean and cut the brinjals and cook them with onion, tomatoes,kudampuli or tamarind, green chillies and all the powders and salt. When it is half cooked add blended solution and boil. Add prawns and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from fire. Heat oil, let mustard seeds splutter, roast curry leaves , dry chillies and pour over the curry.


  1. do you usually get kadachakka there? i wish for atleast a canned one here......wonder if thats available here...been thinking about all kadachakka dishes for last few days and there you re to remind me more! :)

  2. ho! i cant remember the last time i had prawns. now i am strictly down to veg cooking :)

  3. Wow it looks DELICIOUS.
    I love it with bread fruit than brinjal.
    Now give me a plate of rive and i will enjoy that deliciouus curry

  4. I always loved Breadfruit, there are plenty available in M'lore. Looks mouthwatering Seena, must try! I LOVE Theeyal:)

  5. Breadfruit never heard before, but the prawns and brinjal should be tasty , love ur curry :)

  6. I've never had breadfruit, but I'm sure this would be delicious with eggplant!! :)

  7. First time to ur blog.U have a lovely and beautiful blog.Delicious curry....

  8. I love the colour and texture of this curry Seena, it looks so very tasty. :-)

  9. WOW... that was a hearty curry. Looks so good. YUM! love to have it with idly...

  10. wow..delicious curry with prawn and we don't get breadfruit.

  11. Nice Recipe..Have no idea with bread fruit,but sounds to have great taste with brinjal...

  12. you know I was looking for exactly some recipe like this when I had my canned breadfruit. I wish I could have seen yours. I just made a simple upperi later. I am surely gonna try this the next time I make it. Can we also make a similar thing using Yam instead of breadfruit?

  13. What do you call Breadfruit in Malayalam ?

  14. hi Ramki,
    nice to see u,
    Bread fruit is "kadachakka" in malayalam.
    chakka means jackfruit , bread fruit is similar to jackfruit, hence the name.. :)

  15. Hi Seena,
    I made this just now and its sooo delicious.I only knew to prepare the kadachakka masala curry.Thanks for the recipe.Can I make it with dried shrimp too?

  16. Simple,
    We make dried shrimp using another method. Unakkachemmeen is not good to make this curry.
    Thanks for leaving your fb, santhosham.. :)

  17. Ohhh...that looks too tempting!Can u imagine i never made anything with brinjal cos my husband hates it..but i love it.....I will make this curry anyway, he can have prawns and me brinjals:)....My mom makes similar to this one with raw plantains, with chembu,potato, chena etc....try with chembu,and potato Its too good too. Its like my chemmeen muringa, just replacing the muringa with chembu.

  18. Wow, I just prepared this lovely dish. tastes really good. great way of using brinjals. I just can't wait for dinner time

  19. Where do the last three ingredients come in? Do you just fry and then sprinkle on top?


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