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28 Jun 2008

Fried Rice

I always loved coconut oil in cooking and for other purposes. I know many people have coconut oil phobia, and seeing their comments in other food blogs prompted me to start a blog for coconut oil to write down some of it's benefits..
Many had left their comments there and seeing this comment yesterday, I thought to share with you, just to make you understand.
Dr. TN from naturalsportsmedicine wrote,

People still think the Saturated fat in coconut is bad for you and that couldn't be further from the truth.

Everyone focuses on fats and cholesterol as the primary problem of our ills when it's really refined sugars and grains.

We were meant to eat a hunter-gatherer diet, not a refined sugar-refined grain diet.

And, best I can tell, coconuts have been something that has been a part of the human diet for over a 100,000 years...

Ok, What about fried rice? I know you all really love it. My version is without ajinomotto (MSG) , I wouldn't use it for cooking. So taste may be different from the real fried rice.
An experienced 'fried rice maker' advised me to keep cooked rice in the refrigerator before making fried rice and mix small portions at first and mix together later.

Ingredients used
Basmati rice or biryani rice 1 1/2 cups
onion 1
mixed vegetables 1 cup chopped (carrot, beans, cabbage , peas, spring onion and celery)
chicken pieces 4 or 5 pieces
egg 1
pepper powder 3 tsps
soya sauce 2 Tbsp
chilli sauce 1 tsp

Preparation method
Cook rice in water adding salt. Drain and chill.
Cook chicken in water with 1 tsp pepper powder and salt. When cooked take them out and remove from bones. Make small pieces.
Heat oil, saute chopped onion. When it is done , add veggies and saute until well cooked.
Then break one egg into it and scramble it slowly. Add chicken pieces and 2 tsp pepper powder, soya sauce and chilli sauce.
Mix well and add rice too.Shake the pan or stir them well.The taste of fried rice depends on the soya sauce and oil you use,so add it according to your taste.I wouldn't add them much.. :)


  1. Mouthwatering combo Seena!:)

    I agree! Everything we eat in excess is even if they are health foods,is bad for us. Anything eaten in moderation is okay. My grandparents have been eating coconut all their lives, they are quite healthy!:)

  2. Looks delicious, Seena!! Love fried rice! :)

  3. Seena - the fried rice looks so yummyy dear. U can send this to DK's this month AWED: Chinese event..:))


  4. Hi Seena! The fried rice looks yummy...

  5. I am still yet to try coconut oilbut I will as soon as I see some in the shop. :-)

    The rice looks delicious and I am sure it tastes fabulous without MSG.

    Chicken looks lovely too yum! :-)

  6. yummy fried rice ! I am all for the coconut oil, for its benefits and for the taste cooking in it. Cheers to coconut oil :D

  7. Seena, I love fried rice! We usually steam it and never fry but after moving to the States I realized there are more ways to cook the rice and fried rice it one of my favorites! I have never done it myself but I should try. Your recipe sounds delicious!

  8. i made fried rice a couple of days back too!! going to post it soon :)

  9. Lovely fried rice Seena!

    I love the aroma of coconut oil during cooking!!!

  10. Just yesterday, I saw a book in the library called The Coconut Oil Diet. I was tempted to borrow it but I couldn't see myself finishing it or giving it a thorough reading so I didn't take it.

  11. I always try to keep some extra cooked rice in the fridge for a quick meal of fried rice. Yours looks "authentic" :)

  12. Dear Seena
    I have a surprise for you in my blog:)

    It looks like I missed a lot on your blog:) I love fried rice mmmmm I prepare it most of the times as it doesnt require another side dish and we can add egg to make variations:)

    I too love coconut oil a lot, so does my husband. We were really surprised to see the nutrition facts sheet printed behind this Parachute Can we bought from Indian store. It shows high in saturated fat. We bought it anyways because we were having it from our childhood and I dont know when that fact changed. I still would love to have it when I cook.

  13. Wow...the dish is simply droolworthy :)

  14. Seena, I have never used Coconut oil in cooking yet. The fried rice looks delicious! Would love to have it as a meal anytime.

  15. I have something for u on my blog

  16. That a comforting meal! Would love to devour upon some fried rice with fried chicken anytime! Yummy!

  17. Hi seena

    I am a regular visitor of your site, In simple words its just Great.

    I tried lots of Nadan Recipes, it just turned out superb.

    I am still hunting for Prawns Biriyani recipe.

    It would really great if you could post prawns biriyani recipe for your site visitors.

    Thanks & Regards


  18. Hi,
    Chilling the rice is a good tip. It firms up the grains and keeps them separate.

  19. ask Seena;
    Fried rice looks nice and chicken looks delicious,great combo.

  20. Yeah Ramki,
    that was the line I forgot to write!

  21. Seena - once again -a very authentic recipe. My husband was awed, he said "this tastes like staright from the restaurant". You are SO gifted and thank you SO much for sharing your wonderful recipes with the rest of us - I know it takes time and effort to post, so please keep up your good work!!!

  22. Hey Zaara,
    am glad to see you again with a lovely comment! I remember you who commented on brinjal rice.. :)
    Very happy to know that I could help you in cooking though am not an expert.. Keep visiting , enjoy cooking..!!


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