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1 Jun 2008

Athisayappathiri / Athrippa pathiri

Want to surprise your family? Then make this.. :) Athisayam means surprise. So making this may be a surprise in the families of Malabar side. Some call this Athrippa pathiri, which means this really needs much care and attention while preparing and makes in special occasions.
Am not hailing from Malabar, so if I have made any mistakes, those who come from Kozhikkodu and Kannur side, please tell me...I tried making this using the old magazine recipes and was worth. It was a heavy meal which was so delicious but not simple.. :)
I hope the recipe is not giving a heart ache to those who have cholesterol threat seeing the number of eggs, you have another chance when I come with muttamala (egg garland ? ) recipe .. :)

Athisayappathiri / Athrippa pathiri
Chicken 1/2 kg
eggs 6
maida 1 cup
coconut milk 1 cup
onion 3 medium
ginger 1 inch piece
garlic 4 small cloves
green chillies 3 or 4
pepper powder 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
fennel seeds powder 1 pinch
garam masala powder 1/4 tsp
coriander leaves chopped 1/4 cup

garlic and ginger together.

chicken with turmeric and salt. Cool down. Remove fleshy part from the bone.Make it very small pieces or use minced meat.

For making dosa / pola,
Mix maida with 1 egg, coconut milk and salt. Add enough water to make dosa like batter.
Heat griddle and grease it and make 7 or 8 dosas.

For making a batter of eggs,
Break remaining 5 eggs and mix it with crushed green chillies (as per taste) and enough salt. Keep this batter aside.

For making meat masala,
Heat oil in a pan, put fennel seeds powder. Saute chopped onions until transparent. Add garlic and ginger paste.Saute them for a while. Then add
chopped green chillies , coriander leaves , garam masala, pepper powder ,cooked chicken and enough salt. Mix them well by stirring continuously for few seconds.
Remove from fire and keep aside.
Take another heavy bottomed vessel(non-stick is good). Apply little ghee in the bottom and sides.
Take one dosa and dip it in the egg batter.
Place this dosa in the greased vessel. Spread little of the above prepared masala over it.
Again, dip one dosa in the egg batter, place it over the first dosa topped with masala mixture.
Then put the masala over it again, as we did for the first one.
Continue this until the dosas and masalas are over.
After placing the last dosa on top, pour the remaining egg batter over it. So it will spread it self in the sides of pan covering the previously placed dosas.
Cover and cook this on a low flame until done. This takes about 10 more minutes only.

Second method,
Mix maida with eggs (use 4 eggs) , salt and enough water. Make 7 or 8 dosas with it. Keep the remaining batter aside.
In this preparation, no need to make egg batter separately.
Place one dosa in the greased vessel, put the masala mixture over it.
Then place another dosa over it, top it with masla mixture.Continue this procedure until all dosas and masala mixture is finished.
After placing the last dosa, pour the remaining dosa batter over this. Then cover and cook on a low flame until done.
I tried the first method, but the second method seems little much easier than the first.

Thanks to Roopa for giving the "you make my day" award and Madhavi for giving the "nice matters" award to me, you all are really very nice...!


  1. Nice recipe Seena and thanks for introducing to this seems to be a lot of work, but looks very tempting

  2. My husband is from Kannur, but I have never seen or heard of this dish before. Maybe 'cos we are vegetarians?
    Muttamala? never heard of that one either. Waiting to see what the recipe looks like.:)

    I hope you are feeling much better now, Seena.

  3. This looks fantastic Seena. What a beautiful dish to cook, I bet it tastes amazing. I always love your recipes thank you for a lovely post. :-)

  4. That is an awesome recipe Seena, I am bookmarking this one... It does sound like a lot of work, but it is making me drool... so gotta try it sometime :)

  5. Delicious athisayam :) never tasted lovey pictures, i bookmarked it!

  6. Ok, this is something new to me. But I have to admit, this looks delicious and I am sure it IS delicious. I wish I lived close by - there would be no way you could get rid of me on occasions like this:)

  7. Hey thanks friends,

    am feeling better now, thanks for asking dear.. :)
    Yeah, these two dishes are famous among Thalassery Muslims, may be you missed them as you said..

  8. missing your regular posts.

    This is something that I am making..looks very tempting ...

  9. Looks really delicious!

  10. ithu oru athishayam thanne..never heard abt this pathiri..

  11. Seena, this recipe seems to demand a lot of work but your explanation makes it very simple. Looks really tasty, too!

  12. hi seena...this look this same as chattipathiri.???

  13. Looks delicious Seena. Could wrap with chapatis too. Good one. Hope you are feeling well!:)

  14. Hi again Seena there is something waiting for you at my blog. :-)

  15. Looks very tasty, Seena! Pics look yum. :)

  16. Zareena,
    I think this is not chattipathiri. Will check and let u know later.. :)

  17. Ok Seena...thanx..

  18. hey it looks yummy but it seems lot of work..?

  19. Oh, what a lovely recipe! Never heard of this. it sure looks delicious!

  20. This is such an intersting recipe, I didn't know existed!

  21. Wow i want to have them.
    It looks so DELICIOUS. That fillinf looks excelent.
    If i was there i would have ate them and ate them.
    I will try them. Can i try them in puff pastry than with dosa?

  22. Happy,
    These dosas are very soft. So I think puff pastry won't work, better try with dosas, they are easy to prepare too.. :)

  23. Superb surprise:) I hope it would work with salmon steaks? Lovely pic displays:)

  24. seena, i have a surprise for you at my blog:)

  25. hi seena,
    this look fantastic....

  26. the recipe is frm calicut which is a malabar region....der we use rice flour instead of maida dosa..the rice flour recipe is somthin which is very similar to the aripathiri also known as orotti..but steam it..while using this method instead of dipping dosas in egg we make egg scramble n mix it with chicken kannur dis dish is known as chattipathiri..but in clt chattipatri is a totally diffrnt dish which is sweet n supposed to b the ethnic dish..n d pics shone abv the dosas looks like d proper kerala dosas...dnt get misguided..dos pores wil not b der n its gonna look very plain n neat..thanks

  27. Navida,
    I don't think you are able to talk about this "misguidance" since you are from Calicut. This is from Kannur side, a relative of chattipathiri. I have so many friends / relatives from all around Kerala, so am able to discuss them about a 'recipe'. Each recipe changes when it goes from one region to another, so don't think the whole Kerala follows the same recipe for each dish..

  28. hi seena,
    it is actually not a is almost a maida pancake..and dipping it in egg is little messy work...we use to spread egg over the chicken stuffing and again add a ladle of egg over each pancakes.....and navida is absolutely right...receipe may change but what she said is a typical muslim receipe and tastes excellent....thnks

  29. Hi Seena,
    This dish is really awesome..i tried this nd evryone were "surprised" as the name sounds :) My husband's friends had this and they too loved it very much :)Thanks for the wonderful recipe !


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