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7 Apr 2008

Zebra Cake and Sponge Cake

I am in the infancy of baking and never thought I could post a cake picture and recipe in my blog within a short time. I hope the baking experts here can tell me whether it is "good-looking" or not. However the taste was wonderful. The zebra cake which I tried out is coming from my friend Farida's Azerbaijani Cook Book, and of course the photo is also from her, mine was not beautiful as the original. It was Jeena, who helped me to try out new cake recipes, even sent step by step pictures and patiently answered all my queries. Thanks to Jeena and Farida for your help..

Click here for Farida's Zebra Cake Recipe.

Sponge Cake Ingredients and Method
Maida /All purpose flour 2 cups
baking powder 2 tsp
milk 1/2 cup
sugar 1 cup
pure ghee or butter 5 Tbsp
strawberry cream 1 1/2 Tbsp
vanilla essence 1 tsp
eggs 2

First beat sugar and ghee with eggs. Add the remaining ingredients and beat until fluffy.Preheat oven. Grease baking pan.Bake about 40 minutes in 175 degree C. This may vary in different types of ovens. I don't have much instructions to tell you.. :)


  1. For a new baker you are indeed good.
    Love to have a piece of your cake.

  2. sponge cake is so delicious. i used to have that in my school days.i just love this.

  3. wow!!!!! i have no words to appreciate the zebra cake perfect... sponge cake looks sooo moist....keep doin dear...grt

  4. wow!both looks so wonderful:)))especially zebra cake..thanks for sharing...will try

  5. picture of zebra cake looks sooo gooddddd seena

  6. wow..oven pareekshanagal thudagi alle:)
    sponge cake looks yummy yummy.farhakkum wachivinum ini kushaalayi:)))

  7. It's not just good is beautiful!!! The zebra cake has me drooling....poorathinu naattil varunnundengil enikkoru slice venam....

  8. Seena, I am glad you tried the zebra cake:) Thanks for linking, too. Your sponge cake looks great! You did a great job. Did you try making zebra cake with sponge cake? Zebra patterns usually do not look that good on sponge cakes because of their spongy soft texture. You are such a great cook, so many recipes, one after another, I am still trying to keep up:)

  9. Wow....the cake looks delicious! It looks soft and yummy!

  10. Seena your sponge cake looks so moist and delicious. I love the colour of the cake too, I will try your cake recipe next time I bake one,it sounds great. :-D

  11. Lovely cake Seena, the pic looks good :)

  12. the cake looks moist and spongy

  13. Sponge cake looks delicious Seena!
    Love the zebra cake...

  14. wow Seena what a good looking cake...will be back for have awesome recipes in your blog.

  15. Hey,
    Sponge cake looks very delicious.Adding ghee instead of butter may have enhanced its taste, isnt it? I have been toying with the idea of using ghee for cakes for quite a few weeks. And I checked Farida's Zebra cake too. It looks pretty.Does it require too much patience to pour the batter:)-
    - nitha

  16. Hey, first time here on your blog. Wow cakes looks divine, lovely pics too:))

    Plz do visit @

  17. Thanks friends,

    Welcome!thanks for visiting..
    I mostly use ghee for making cake, esp. pure ghee. Zebra cake needs patience, I din't take the exact amount of batter while halving it, so my chocolate batter was too much..So didn't get perfect lines..

    Hope to see you again.. :)

  18. that is too good for a first timer..the zebra stripes are just you can send me some :D

  19. the zebra cake looks fantastic! and u are doing extremely well for a first timer :)

  20. Hai,

    Thanks for posting the recipe.I tried this and came out good. Can you please post recipe for kerala plum cake.



  21. Thanks Nm! I am looking for a good recipe for your request.. hope to see you around.. :)

  22. Never tried the Zebra sponge cake, but after seeing this recipe, it is a must try.


  23. hi seena, i tried ur ghee rice& butter chicken & it turned to be too gud. Ur blogging is very humble & simple. Keep up the gud wrk. Gng2try ur beef fry tmrw.

  24. Hi Seena,
    Stumbled into your site while browsing and tried the sponge cake recipe as it looked very simple. And it came out well :)
    I am very happy with my first successful baking experience.
    Planning to try other recipes from your site !!!!
    Thanks a lot,


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