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3 Mar 2008

Simple Yellow Cookies

Easy Cookies for beginners from a beginner.. :) These cookies tasted like the tiny yellow egg biscuits that available in bakeries of Kerala.

Maida / All purpose flour 1 1/2 cups
sugar 3/4 cup
baking powder 1 tsp
vanilla 1/2 tsp
pure ghee 2 Tbsp
salt 1 pinch
egg 1

Beat / blend sugar and ghee. Add egg and blend it again. Add the remaining ingredients and make a dough. If you find the flour is not enough (too soft to form dough), add little more spoons. This depends on the size of the egg used. Keep the prepared dough in the fridge. Better keep it overnight. Preheat oven for 15 minutes.
Take the dough out . Make small balls and press it between palms.(Or use a cookie cutter).Let them have 1/4 inch thickness. Grease baking sheet with little oil, place the prepared cookies on it, bake it for 15 minutes in 180 degrees. Check and if the bottom side is slightly brown take it out and let it cool..

Sent to the "Yellow food event" hosted by on International women's day!


  1. Cookies look delicious Seena!

  2. awww.. i remember the ones you are talking about, in bakeries back home :) i used to love them as a kid and my uncle used to get them for me in brown paper bags :)

  3. cookies looks beautifullllll seena

  4. Funny even before i read what you had written then first thing came to mind when i saw the pic is, it looks like the biscuits we get in bekeries back at home and then i read your remark ;-)
    I love the bondas too from the realier post

  5. Perfect for a snack, easy to make too!:)

  6. cutr yellow cookies.....i do remember thse available at bakeries in kerala...

  7. These look lovely Seena, I love making biscuits just using my hands it is so much easier :-)

  8. looks great and yummy seena,,,U can send these cookies to IWD..details here..

  9. Those are pretty looking! I too love those tiny buscuits available in bakery...i can eat buscuits thats using egg but i havent tried to buy shops give eggs in loose..they sell in trays!!!!!!

  10. used to love these cookies. really yummy ones.

  11. Memories! simple yet tasty!

  12. Seena, do you mean those tiny yellow biscuits that are sold in Kerala??? I used to love them so much and have eaten so many during my childhood.

  13. Those are lovely looking cookies :-)

  14. They look perfect...good ones!

  15. Love the cookies. They look so delicious. Wonderful entry.

  16. Lovely cookies n yummy bondas too...would love to have them together...something nice n spicy n then a bite of the cookies!!

  17. hey nice cookies, i have been searching for these , i used to love those cookies a lot when i was a kid:)

  18. how to cook these n pressure cooker

  19. Shaheena, it cannot cook in the pressure cooker.. :)


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