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1 Feb 2008

Vegetable Noodles


Noodles packets 3
Beans 10
carrot 1
cabbage chopped 1 cup
capsicum chopped 1
onion 1
ginger julienned 1/2 inch
soya sauce 2 tb sps
pepper powder 2 tsp

Cook the noodles in water with the seasonings available with it. Drain water and keep it aside.
Chop beans and carrot into thin long strips. (You can use other vegetables too)
Heat oil, saute chopped onion with ginger. Don't saute much as we do for curries. Then add chopped beans and carrot with it. Add little salt and stir until they are nearly cooked. Add cabbages, capsicum , pepper powder and soya sauce and stir. Add noodles too. Mix well. Have with tomato ketchup.


  1. Well this plate of Noodles looks just like the one we get back at home.
    I love them.

  2. YUM! Indo-Chinese Noodles, I used to make it in B'lore, brought back memories!:)

  3. Just had maggi for lunch. didnt feel like cooking. lovely looking recipe

  4. Hi first time here...U hav a wonderful blos..Noodles looks great..Thanks for sharing

  5. The noodles look very colourful and perfect

  6. Hmmmm, Yummy! I love noodles with anything :-)

  7. Noodles look yummy and colourful Seena!

  8. plate full of yummy noodels Seena ,love them

  9. Hi Seena,

    I have been visitng your blog of late and i just love it.. Ive been married about a year and have started cooking only after my marriage.. You have no idea how your site has helped me.. I refer to it all the time. And finally in thought today i must thank you for it.
    I keep checking the site everyday to see if you have updated a new recipe. Im gonna keep coming back for more!! :)

  10. Noodles is a universal favorite and so flexible too. Looks great Seena.

  11. Thanks dear friends..:)
    hey Nisha,
    Nice to see your comment, am really happy to know my attempts helped you a lot! That is my only intention, just to help those who don't know anything in cooking..:) I am posting whatever I cook at home..Hope to see you again..thanks! :)

  12. The vegeatble noodle setup and presentation looks as it should be. Encourages to make some for my son this eveneing.

  13. I love veggie noodles, they are such a good meal with healthy veggies ofr kids too. Your noodles look so delicious Seena that I want to take a fork now and scoop some up to eat, yummy. :-)

  14. Noodles are my favorite...Can have it almost everyday!! Nice one here!!


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