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23 Jan 2008

Bread Puttu / Steam Cakes With Bread Crumbs

This is one of the easiest of breakfast recipes. You can cook this in few minutes. A tasty dish which can take with sugar , curries or boiled banana.If you have leftover bread in your fridge use it to make this delicious breakfast. Children can take this as a tiffin too. It will not turn hard later like the usual rice powder puttu.I used 4 or 5 bread slices to make these 3 pieces of puttu.

How to prepare bread puttu
salt (if the bread is unsalted)
coconut grated

Slice the sides of bread. Sprinkle very little water on bread pieces and crumble them which actually look like puttu podi.(you can use mixer grinder to make bread crumbs.Then sprinkle water over it).Mix with hands. Then put two handful into the puttu kutti then coconut grated on top. Repeat this until you make three pieces of puttu. Steam them on the puttu kudam / vessel. Take out just like we do for making puttu.
Use very little water to sprinkle over or you can make without sprinkling water too.

For making puttu / steam cakes follow the puttu recipe here.


  1. bread puttu? wow! havent heard of this one before :) kollaam seena :)

  2. Good one !I will try tomorrow ..Thank you dear

  3. WOW!! Seena, rp told me to experiment with different kind of Puttus and this is excellent. Thanks friend!:)

  4. Nice idea seena! I am flying to chennai and see your posts after 2 weeks!

  5. How novel! Am sure kids will love the soft texture. Thank you Seena.

  6. hey..totally cool and totally new to me :)

  7. thats an easy and a quick sweet recipe...........surely for someone as lazy as i am

  8. That is so clever! We rarely have puttu 'cos the process is too elaborate for me. This one will do well.:)

  9. Looks fantastic and so few ingredients too. I do not have a puttu maker though. :-(

  10. This is new to me. What a good idea. Shall definitely try it.

  11. very unusual, seena, don't have a puttu maker, will steel tumblers in a pressure cooker work?

  12. Hi Sra,
    You can top coconut on bread crumbs in the steel tumbler and steam it.Though it won't have the puttu shape, you can taste it.But don't know it will stick to the tumbler.

  13. How innovative...Will definitely make it

  14. Hi Seena,

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  15. Oh definately going on my must try list!!! Sounds yummy!!!

  16. hi seena,

    the bread puttu idea indeed is a novel one. Looks good too. i will certainly make it as an evening snack for my son.

  17. Bread Puttu that is something I never ever had. I have had Kappa puttu.
    It looks good. Love the peera inbetween

  18. I never heard about this one before.But Looks like easy to make.Thanks for sharing.

  19. This is so new to me! Wonderful idea. Bookmarked! :)

  20. that is easy and a fun way to make puttu seena!

  21. Hai Seena,

    This is really good one in taste and wise one economically. I really appreciate your simple but valuable effort.


  22. thanks for ur comment in my blog..this idea of making puttu with bread is innovative..i love puttus


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