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5 Dec 2007

Puri and Mixed Vegetable Curry

wheat powder 2 cups
water 3/4 cup or enough to make dough
oil little

Mix them together and make a dough. Make small balls and prepare circles using a chappathi press or roll on a wooden board. Deep fry them. If you do not know how to make puri, check the links here.

Mixed vegetable curry
carrot 1 chopped
cauliflower florets 1/2 cup
cooked green peas 1 cup
beans chopped 1/2 cup
potato 1 chopped
green chilly 2 chopped
onion 1 chopped
tomato 1 chopped
garlic and ginger paste 2 tea spoons
garam masala 1/2 tea spoon
Meat masala powder(I use Eastern) 2 teaspoons
turmeric powder 1/2 tea spoon
red chilly powder or pepper powder 1 tea spoon
coriander powder 2 tea spoons
curry leaves few
coriander leaves chopped few
cumin seeds 1 pinch
mustard seeds

Cook all the vegetables with enough water, turmeric powder and salt.

Heat oil, splutter mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Saute onion. When transparent, add ginger garlic paste and saute for few moments. Add tomato,all the powders and salt. Then add curry leaves, coriander leaves and all the cooked vegetables. Sprinkle garam masala and meat masala and mix well. Cook on a low flame until the curry gets enough thickness.


  1. Love the puri and the veggie curry

  2. wow!!! wat a cool combo...hy i made poori n potato masala last sunday after a long time...nw a days trying to avoid oil ..but cant control eating those things....

  3. Puri is an eternal fav of mine....Jus luv the smell to taste and the burp! that comes after :)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog..:)

  4. seena..those puris look so lovely and puffed up..i want to eat some right now!!

  5. Hi Seena, everytime I look at a new post on your blog I know I could eat and enjoy every recipe. I love your vegtable curry it looks so delicious and all the vegetables your put into it are the same as I would like to eat in a curry. :)

    The photo's look fantastic and the recipe is written so easy and well to understand. Thanks Seena your a great cook! :)

  6. Thats a perfect combi seena!!

  7. Love the puris and the mixed vegetable curry looks good. I have a puri post in the queue... :)

  8. yummmmmmmm puris look soooooo good

  9. your pooris have bloated up so well... they look delicious!! the veg curry looks gr8 too

  10. I make puris only once in a while despite loving them 'coz my hubby is right now on a eat-healthy mode. Yours looks good.

  11. Nice puri and the curry.
    Really I am eager to know some recipes of cauliflower florets in kerala style. :)

  12. Ages since I had poori. The combo looks wonderful

  13. Do u mind if I drop by ur place and gobble all of those yummy recipes.. the color of the curry is so beautiful Seena! I can never get bored of Poori and Bhaji..hehhe..:)

    @ Seena: Wow, ur daughter has a blog of her own.. how sweet? Can I know the URL.. I wud love to visit and check out her stuff. I will post some stories soon Seena. Take a good care of ur health and thanks for dropping by!

  14. Always a favourite, isn't it :)

  15. Hi Seena...tried this recipe..came out really good.will be trying out more...


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