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1 Dec 2007

Kudampuli Thenga Paal Meen Curry / Central Kerala Special Fish Curry

I am hailing from Central Kerala, and this fish curry is usually prepared by our Christian friends there. When there are some special occasions , they prepare this curry on previous night since it tastes great on next day. So the fish absorbs the spiciness of chilly powders, sourness of kudampulis and also curry turns thick. This is one of my family's favorites.

Ingredients and Method

fish fillets 1/2 kg
onion 1 medium size chopped
tomato 1 medium size chopped
green chillies 3
garlic cloves 2 big chopped lengthwise
ginger piece 1 inch size julienned
turmeric powder 1 teaspoon
pepper powder 1 teaspoon
chilly powder 2 teaspoons
coriander powder 2 tablespoons
coconut milk very thick 2 cups
water 1 cup
Kudampuli (Garcinia cambogea)
4 pieces or more
curry leaves few
mustard seeds 1 teaspoon
fenugreek / uluva 1/2 teapsoon
coconut oil 2 table spoons

Heat coconut oil. Add mustard seeds and fenugreek and let them splutter. Saute onion, garlic in this till transparent. Then saute ginger. When the smell comes, add all the powders and salt , stir for few seconds. Add tomato, kudampuli and one cup water and one cup coconut milk. Boil till the tomato is cooked. Then add cleaned fish fillets and the remaining 1 cup coconut milk. Cook till it is done on a low flame. When the oil floats on top, place slit green chillies and curry leaves over it. Keep the lid closed and remove from fire.

I prepare this using ready made coconut milk powder. So for 2 cups of thick coconut milk , I used 1 cup coconut milk powder. You can add enough water to change the thickness of the curry according to your taste.

Big type fishes are good to make this curry. Ayakkoora/Neimeen/Arkkya/Kingfish , Ayala/Makceral, Aavoli/Pomfrets are good to prepare this curry.


  1. I love the tanginess of this curry..A fav at our place.

  2. Hi Seena, i am the first to comment! we Kerala Christians can't survive without fish curry!!! loved the colour of the curry...

  3. Hi,
    Fish curry looks lovely. Can u tell me which filets will taste well in this curry.

  4. i've tasted a similar one and i can attest to how wonderful it is.

  5. Looks delicious Seena I can see why it is a family favourite. :) I never heard of Kudampuli before. :)

  6. I am a staunch veggie, but your dish looks yummy to me too!! ;-)

  7. I am sick today..but still the meen curry is so temting for me :)

  8. seena
    i tried ur unnakai nd french toast nd came out well.thanks a liked it v send some recipes of easy cookies if u know.


  9. Thanks Priya, for your fb,
    glad to know your kids loved it,Here, me too prepares them for kids..:)
    Will try to post some recipes you asked, but not in a hurry..pls bear with me..Enjoy Cooking..!

  10. Seena the meen looks yummy. Wont be able to resist it with rice.

  11. Seena, I think by now you know how much I love curry but fish curry, is my absolute favourite. I wish I was near you to taste this.

  12. awesome seena...i'm drooling ...sooo to have them wid rics n kappa...grt treat for seafood lovers like us :-)))

  13. seena, i just saw your comment on my old blog. i am adding my new blog link here
    try it or else try through food blog desam!

  14. Mashaallah, that was great.

    I made it yesterday and took it to my in-law's house and there just happened to be kaipathiri on the table for lunch (there were some guests) and this curry turned out to be a hit. My co-sister kept pouring spoonfuls of the curry into her plate and licking it up with relish.


  15. Many thanks to all friends..

    pls check the recipe. Have added the fish names.

    I hope you will see this comment. I tried many times, still am not able to view. don't know what is happening. Any way will try through food blog desam.

    Thanks a lot dear..
    Am very happy to see your comment, that is really encouraging..:)
    Keep visiting here, enjoy cooking!:)

  16. thanks for the comment on my blog seena :). ur fish curry reminds me of home...oru urula chorum choodu meen curriyum...pinne endha vende alle?

  17. Thanks a lot for this lovely recipe.This was the best fish curry i ever made..
    i am a big fan of ur recipes..
    keep posting..cheers !!

  18. Dear Meenakshy,
    It is great to know you love my recipes and esp, this curry. I too love this one very much.. :P
    Hope to see you again..enjoy cooking.. :)

  19. Hi Seena,
    I tried ur thenga paal meen curry!! Its beyond words....came out very well....n tasted much better the nxt day...:)thanks a lot for posting all these wonderful recipes....that too in a very simplified form...:)


  20. Thanks Renji,
    Whenever I make fish curry , I love to take it next day for bf with puttu or dosa or idli, pathiri etc.. :)
    Very happy to know you loved it, keep trying out more.. :)

  21. Hi Seena,
    I'm Suja,living in Qatar.I made this curry and glad to say that it was a real hit!!would definitely try out ur other recipes..Congrats on doing such a wonderful job!!My good wishes to u..God bless!

  22. Thank you Suja!, hope you will love my other recipes too, keep visiting here.. :)

  23. dear seena, i made this curry with shrimp and it was husband loved it.made it for a potluck n it was a hit.sorry..i didn't disclose the source :) anyway...thanks ur recipes...

  24. Yeah, this curry is good with shrimps too. Hey, disclose the source :).. at least you can help me to increase traffic.. :)
    OK, Laxmi.. hope to see you again.. :)

  25. Hi Seena,

    Thanks for your recipe ..we r staying as bachelors and tried your meen curry ...everyone likes it and as the "AASTHANA PACHAKIST "of the room I like to thank you for this.(I didn't reveal your name and wer i got the recipe and I bcom popular in office)hehe..But a small request please post some recipe with less contents and easy to prepare...bcoz this one tooke bit more time as we start by 10.00 and planned for lunch but I finished by 3.30...!!!!

  26. Sudi,
    thanks for letting me know..
    But it is sooo bad hiding my site from your friends.. :)
    About preparation time, actually this is a very easy recipe which you can make in few minutes! Do try using ready made coconut powder next time..
    All the best, keep trying out more.. :)

  27. hi.aslm alkm.actually in my family nobody likes kudampuli except my mother,especially myself.but for the first time i made fish curry with kudampuli bcoz this recipe was tempting and was a great success.thank u so much seena.GOd bless

  28. Wa alaikkum salam Fasi,
    am thrilled reading your comment, thanks for letting me know.. :)
    c u,

  29. Hi Seena,
    I just found out about this blog now and have been hooked to it.I have been trying to make thengapaal curry for some time and have been always a failure..I want to try out this recipe. I always get the coconut milk part wrong so wanted to clarify with you before trying..when you say readymade coconut milk powder, do you mean Maggi coconut milk powder? Also, when you say 1 cup, you mean 200ml cup..Just wanted to clarify as that looks a bit too much for me ..I used to use 3 heaped tbsp for 1 cup coconut milk..Please help me out with this..Thanks a lot..

  30. Hi, Tried this recipe yesterday and came out very husband liked it very much...thanks for the recipe.


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