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28 Dec 2007

Meen Thoran / Dry Fish Curry

Meen thoran is a simple dish to prepare.You can use any fish to make this. Especially Ayala/Mackeral, Sravu/Shark, Ayakkoora/Seer fish are good for this. You can use canned tuna too. Take this as a side dish with rice.

Tuna Thoran or Meen Thoran / Dry Fish Curry

tuna 2 cans
pepper powder 2 teaspoons
turmeric powder 1 tea spoon
coconut 4 tablespoons
pearl onions 10
ginger 1 inch piece
green chillies 3
curry leaves few
mustard seeds
coconut oil


Remove water (or oil) from the tuna.
Chop small onions, green chilies and ginger piece.Mix them very well by hands, with tuna , coconut, curry leaves, salt and all the powders. Heat coconut oil, splutter mustard seeds. Add the mixture into this and stir well.Keep this on a low flame for a while by keeping the lid closed and stirring occasionally. Let it dry and remove from fire.
If you make this with any other fish, first cook fish with turmeric powder, salt and water. Remove all the bones and take the fleshy part. Crumble it. Then follow the same method. If you want to get a more spicy dish, add little red chilly powder.


  1. thoran of any form is most welcome. especially if its of fish, nothing like it :)

  2. I like this form very much....we call this as puttu...I too tried this as tuna puttu.Thanks.

    Happy you a happy new year....

  3. Hi Seena, I usually make this puttu with shark. This is one lovley thoran.. I & hubby always long for. I follow almost the same method. Thanx for sharing yaar.

  4. nice recipe looks yummy happy holidays

  5. This sounds really interesting. I really like tuna, but have only had it seared or in sushi, maybe I should try this out :)

  6. I prepare fish thoran, similarly. Since i don't get ayala here..don't get to make it. I did try with tuna..but since it has mercury..use it less.

  7. I make a rice dish with tuna and sweetcorn and stir it through the rice. Your fish thoran looks amazing I bet it is really tasty with your other ingredients. Looks great Seena. :-)

  8. Hi Seena, I just stumbled across your blog, and tried the fish thoran, thiyal, varatharachu sambar,and kaalan recipes--and they all came out pretty well...thanks for sharing :)

  9. Dear Madhavi,
    thanks for the comment!
    Love to see your fbs, Keep trying out more recipes, Enjoy cooking and a very Happy New year to you and family!


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