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14 Jun 2007

Varutharacha Sambar

Samabar prepared in fried coconut gravy

Parippu/ Dal ½ cup
Potato 1
Tomato 1
Onion 1
Drum stick/ muringakkai pieces 6 or Ladies finger/ vendakkai 6
Ash gourd/ Kumbalanga pieces ½ cup
Brinjal/vazhuthananga 1 or 2
Raw banana 1
Curry leaves few
Coriander powder 2 table spoons
Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon
Chilli powder 1 tea spoon or as desired
Uluva/ fenugreek seeds ¼ tea spoon
Coconut grated ½ cup
Asafetida/ Kayam small pieces 2 or as desired
Tamarind/ puli 1 lemon size ball soaked in water
Coconut oil
Mustard seeds
Cumin seeds a pinch
Red chillies 1 or 2

For ground paste
Fried coconut and masalas prepared for sambar

Heat little oil in a pan. Add asafetida piece (see the size in photo). Roast it. When it is crispy, take it out, and press it with a spoon and crumble. Roast fenugreek seeds in the above oil, add coconut, a pinch of fennel seeds/ perumjeerakam , few curry leaves. When it is brown add 1 table spoon of coriander powder and stir for few seconds. Blend this masala with enough water and the crumbled asfoetida/kayam.


I wouldn’t use asafetida powder, adding this piece gives extra aroma to the sambar.

How to prepare
Chop all vegetables.
Keep ladies finger, brinjal and tomatoes separately.
Cook dal with ½ tea spoon turmeric, salt and water.
Mix chopped onion, potato, raw banana pieces, ash gourd pieces, 1 table spoon coriander powder, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, red chili powder and salt in tamarind pulp and enough water to cover the vegetables.
Put one small asafetida piece in this.
Add this with the cooked dal.
Cook till the vegetables are done.
Then add brinjal pieces.
When it is half done, add vendakkai pieces, tomato and masala mixture.
Cook till tomatoes are done.

Heat little coconut oil.
Splutter mustard seeds and cumin seeds, stir red chillies and curry leaves.
Pour this into sambar.
Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve with rice, pappadam,pickle and curd.

This is my own recipe. You can reduce the amount of asafoetida according to your taste.


  1. OH!!! I am sooo hungry now,looking at that sambhar.Really great looking,a must try for me.Thank you so much for posting.
    Where did you get that hing? I love that lumpy Hing.All I get here is powder which smells like nothing!

  2. Yummy!I have always wanted to try this version of sambar,now I have your recipe yay!Thanks Seena!

  3. Asha,
    Hing is available here. Hope you could take it from India. One packet lasts for long..!

  4. Thanks Sumitha,
    Try this recipe, hope you would be satisfied..But I suggest you not to use the hing powder..

  5. I wish I had got the hing paste here.... I agree w/ you that the powder hardly has any flavor :(
    Your sambhar looks really good!!

  6. Thanks Ramya,
    Even without coconut, sambar tastes great with this hing paste..!

  7. True! Even a pich of fresh asafoetida gives that great aroma to the dish.

  8. Hi,
    sambhar looks delicious.I never did this sambhar.I will surely try this weekend.Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sure Sukanya,
    I wouldn't prepare sambar if there is no hing paste..

    Thanks Priar,
    Try it and let me know..

  10. Hi Seena! really fantastic recipe. Looks yummy and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  11. sambhar looks yummy and tasty ,,,,

  12. i have been using hing powder...this recipe is a diff way from how i make sambar...fennel seeds must be giving a diff taste. will try this recipe..thanks :)

  13. Hi!
    Lovely sambar!!!! will be very nice with idlisand dosais too...

  14. this is not fair!!! i keep telling myself not to check blogs when its close to lunch time:( looks absolutely delicious... i need to check for that lumpy hing... powdered hind never comes close to it.

  15. Seena, Lovely sambhar :) gotta try that now !!!

  16. O o this is my fav....Love it...nice recipe....

  17. wow
    it has got so many in it
    brinjal, ash gourd, drumsticks..ummmm
    thx a lot for sharing
    i need to find hing now :))

  18. Seena,I updated Tendli palya and posted a photo of Tendlis too,so you can see what they are.Have a fun weekend:)

  19. Jyothi and Deepa, thanks for the comments..

    thanks, hope you enjoy your holidays..

    Definitely, Usha, this goes well with idli, dosa, rice and Parotta..

    thanks for visiting!sure, you have to find out hing paste, if you want to get real taste of sambar..

  20. Aruna,
    try it..and thanks


    try it with the vegetables that u usually use..

  21. Thanks Asha,
    will check it out..

  22. Yummy! We never add fennel seed in Sambar,Is that really tasty..Yes,Yes that kayam will make the sambar more tasty ,My mil used to add this in her Sambar.

  23. Fairy,
    I really missed you..
    about fennel seeds, we put it while frying all varutharacha curries..

  24. The sambhar looks great. I agree with you using the hard Hing gives a unique taste. Nice presentation Seena. Viji

  25. Viji,
    thanks for commenting..really love to see you here..

  26. athey seena,
    sambhar is one of my favourite.
    sorry da,jaan late aayi comment idaan.u use fennel seeds in time will try with perumjeerakam.

  27. No problem praju,
    yeah, next time you try with fennel seeds, it works well with fish and chicken recipes also..

  28. hey seena, today iam planning to prepare this and have with idli :) ...will let u know how it turned out. Thanks for the recipe:)

  29. rv,
    Thanks friend,
    waiting to know the result, hope you will like it...

  30. hey seena, the sambhar as yummy:) infact iam planning to post it too with a inspiration reference to u:)
    How r u doing these days? i have a feeling u posting from kerala? where in kerala are u? iam also from kerala (have i already told u? :)

  31. hey rv,
    am waiting to see the sambar pic..
    Yeah, I was on vacation and now am back in Dubai. Sure am from Kerala..No, you haven't told me that you also from there..

  32. Hello Seena,
    Yours is a beautiful blog! I just happened to bump on it and now it is my favourite website. When its time to prepare food, first thing I do is to open your page and choose my menu from there. The pictures are by itself yummy and mouth watering!
    Thanks Seena.

  33. Thanks Sashi for nice words..
    Hey, keep visiting here, glad to know that you liked my blog..

  34. Dear seena,
    i have done this sambar the taste is very good.i always like a change in my food taste this sambar gives me an different and good taste.And ur other receipes also good.

  35. Thanks Fem,
    I love to make it with our coconut chammanthi to take rice..Try it next time.. :)

  36. Hi Seena

    I tried ur varutaracha sambar,egg cutlet,vegetable cutlet,potato omlets and other some recipes too! i have to say this! all ur recipes are really really good and came out very well and they are different from other ordinary recipes!!! thanks for ur recipe!...and i want to know how to prepare pastry sheets in home and mini samosas.. can you post those recipes????.. waiting for ur recipes

  37. Hi Elamathi,
    Thanks for the nice feedback!
    I will try to post how to make pastry sheets and mini samosas, later, insha Allah.
    Stay tuned.. :)

  38. Thank you sooooooooo much seena!


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