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29 May 2007

Chakka Pradhaman / Jack fruit Paayasam

Fleshy parts of jack fruit 15
Jaggery 3 big blocks or 6 small
Coconut milk 1 ½ cup thick
Ghee 4 tea spoons
Coconut pieces small fried in ghee 1 table spoon
Cardamom, cumin seeds and dry ginger pieces powdered 2 or 3 pinches

How to prepare
Cut the jack fruit into small thin pieces.
Pressure cook this in 2 table spoons of water.When done, remove the water and keep aside.Grind this very well without water. Melt jaggery(boil) in the water used for cooking jack fruit.If needed add little more water.( I did this to avoid using much water. Since desiccating is too much difficult while making chakka varatti, it usually splatter out ). Mix the jaggery water with ground jack fruit paste. Add ghee. Mix very well and heat. Stir continuously till there is no water. Stop stirring when the paste turns ball and doesn’t stick to the pan.
Add coconut milk in to this. Mix and when begin to boil remove from fire.Sprinkle powdered cardamom, cumin seeds and dry ginger. Garnish with the fried coconut pieces.

I followed the instructions of my friend Valsala, for making this tasty dessert.Thanks Valsala!

Submitted to JFI for Jack fruit hosted by Bee of Jugalbandi.


  1. hey seena.
    adipoli chakka payasam.kurachu parcel cheyunne.:)))

  2. Hi Seena,

    Very nice recipe, why don't you send it to Bee of Jugalbandi who is hosting the JFI - Jackfruit this month. You have 2 Jackfruit recipes which is perfect for JFI.


  3. wonderful lo0oking dish. would you like to tner it for Jihva for Jackfruit?

  4. WOW!! Beautiful color and I can imagine the aroma of that dish.Thanks for the recipe Seena.

  5. ohhhhhh i just feels like having that looks sooo delicious seena!

  6. very nice recipe!! I love anything to do w/ jackfruit

  7. seena kutty, yummo!! i am not a fan of payasams and pradhamans but this looks yummy. pictures have become much clearer now.

    send it to bee of jugalbandi.

    btw can you post a step by step recipe for ari pathiri?

  8. hay this is looking delish!...... Nice jackfruit dish......I love it...

  9. Hi thanks friends..Sorry for not writing individual replies..

    I have taken pathiri pictures.will post soon insha Allah..

  10. Its super..Photo adipoli..I am drooling over your pradaman..I will try this definetly.

  11. great recipe...wish i could have some right now...thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Seena this recipe looks great nice picture :)

  13. WOW Seena, such an authentic food from Kerala. Very nice. Viji

  14. Hi Seena, such a wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh nice payasam seena. looks really thick and yummy :D

  16. I like this recipe. Since I am not too fond of white payasams, this is perfect for me.Ony problem is that I've never seen a jackfruit around here.

  17. TBC,
    Welcome to Simple and Delicious!
    Try to make paayasam using jack fruit available in cans.

  18. Nice recipe, can u tell me ada pradaman recipe.

  19. Chakka pradhaman recipe is great. Chakka chips is my favorite and thanks for sharing such an exotic item.


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