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20 Jun 2011

Spring Onion Soup

H was very excited to talk about the person who is managing a vegetable garden in Fujairah. He is an engineer from Holland, lucky enough to grow vegetables for own use.We too were lucky to get a bag of veggies from there! :) Lots of mint leaves, cabbage, carrots, onions and spring onions were there in the collection, and I was thinking what to do with this much of spring onions. There was a simple and delicious soup recipe of Martha Stewart's to save me, tried it out, and everyone really loved it!

spring onions 6
water 3 cups
vegetable bouillons 2 cubes
olive oil 2 Tbsp
pepper powder as per taste

How to prepare,
Chop the white bulbs of spring onions finely.
Heat oil in a pan, saute the onions.
When it begins to transparent,(do not brown) stop sauteing.
Add vegetable stock and water to this and allow to boil.
Switch off fire and allow to cool.
Puree in a blender until the soup is smooth.
Add salt if needed.
Sprinkle pepper powder on top if you love.
Serve warm.
Add or reduce the amount of water according to the thickness you like.


  1. This is new for me and looks fab ...

  2. Hi Seena
    You have a lovely blog! Loved all ur recipes.

  3. Now, where is the 'Like' button? :)

    Your works are awesome, Seena. Been following this page for a long time. Keep going!

  4. I love spring onion soup. Nice. This will be perfect for our ongoing mela. It would be great if you can enter your recipe in our "Quick and easy recipe mela". Looking forward towards your entry. Thanks


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