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29 Mar 2011

Beaten Rice With Jaggery And Coconut / Aval Nanachathu

My son is often confused of the words,aval (beaten rice), avial and avoli (pomphret).I had to find out the english words for many malayalam things to make him satisfied.That is an interesting 'advantage' I got after spending few years in Dubai. Some times I felt difficult to find an appropriate word for the things what the children asked. My D thought the dry leaf of coconut tree is a 'big quill' fallen from the sky! Nowadays they have been improved and trying to learn, but still makes lots of mistakes.. :)
Aval nanachathu is a famous snack / break fast item from Kerala. You can take it along with tea, with or without adding freshly grated coconut, sugar or jaggery or with ripe plantains.

aval / beaten rice 2 cups
coconut grated 3/4 cup
jaggery blocks chopped 2 or 3 / sugar as per taste
warm milk 1/4 cup / warm water
cardamoms 2 crushed

How to make,
Clean aval.
Sprinkle milk, mix with all the other ingredients.
You can chop plantains into thin pieces and add to this.
Serve with tea.


  1. oh its awesome. This flavor gives awesome taste.

  2. dear seena

    aval nanachathu is my favorite dish. my mother used to make this for me in my chilhood.
    itz a tasty snak. couple of weeks back my sister geetha made dis for me while i was at cheruvathany.

    here in hindu temples this is offering to LORDS ganapathy and hanumaan.

    wish u all d best for d recepe. my love to your son

  3. It very much is satisfying to me and the dish looks healthy and nutritious.


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