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20 Sept 2010

Okra Masala / Vendakka Curry

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A little about the okra masala, the recipe is from vanitha, prepared for an okra lover, and he loved it, loved it..........

Ingredients needed,
okra / Vendaka 1/4 kg
onions 2 medium size
tomatoes 2 medium size
coconut grated 1 cup
cumin seeds 1 pinch
mustard seeds 1 tsp
corinader leaves chopped 1 Tbsp
curry leaves 1 or 2 stalks
asafoetida / kayam 1 pinch
red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coriander powder 1 Tbsp
green chillies 2 chopped

How to prepare,
Blend coconut in little water to get a fine thick solution.
First cut the washed okras.
Heat oil in wok, and saute the okras until they become not sticky.
Remove from fire and keep aside.
Heat little oil in the same pan.
Allow mustard seeds to splutter, put cumins also.
Then add chopped onions, and allow to cook until semi transparent.
Saute tomatoes, curry leaves and green chiliies also.
When tomatoes are cooked add salt and sauteed okras with all the powders and mix well.
Then pour the coconut solution with coriander leaves and allow to boil on a low flame keeping the pan closed.
Mix well and switch off fire.
Check the okras are cooked before you finish cooking.


  1. Hi Seena,
    Been following your blog frm a loooong time. kayipola was somthin i was searching from a long it on ur site...great site...put u on my site's:

  2. Ain't this similar to making avial, substituting muriga kaaya with okra? I'm not sure, just asking, if you know recipe for avial, please post it too will you.

    By the way, okra masala is a different version of doing with okra. Me been tired making redchillied vendakka curry and its kinda same flavored vendakka upperi too. This one looks different. Shall try it.

    Thanks for the recipe :) and Good Luck :)

  3. And i've seen my grandma preparing kovakka curry almost the same way, which was also very tasty. Simply kovakka in stead of vendakka.

    Anyways okra masala is with my tomorrow's lunch. Thnx :)

  4. assalamu alaikum seena tha,i made ur bread puttu,rava puttu,appam stew,fish briyani last week 4 my inlaws..they were quite impressed..thank u so much..still busy aano?i dnt like okra that much,bt anyway i l try it sometime and let u knw

  5. Hi... This site is really a blessing for me. The kitchen was a forbidden place for me before marriage and I used to stare at the vegetables. Now with your help I can see these turning into tasty dishes. I really thank you for the simple receipes...


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