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12 Dec 2009

Mutton Fry

I have heard a lot about the benefits of mutton from elders.They believed goat meat is a cure for the human body when it is sick. DH's grandma used to tell us (there are much to write about her, she is such a wonderful character from the people I observed..)she ate parts of one small goat every time when she gave birth to a child.She is reaching 100 and nowadays only she met 'few' problems of old age!Ajamaamsa rasaayanam or goat-meat broth is very famous in Kerala, taking one bottle is enough to make one healthy. But here mutton is the most expensive meat now, so it is difficult for the common man to buy it often.

Mutton fry Ingredients needed
Mutton 1/2 kg
coriander powder 2 tsp
chilly powder 1 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
garam masala powder 1/2 tsp
garlic paste 1 tsp

For frying,
onion 1 chopped
shallots 5
green chillies 3
curry leaves few
ginger julienned 1/2 inch piece
coconut oil 2 Tbsp

How I prepared
Wash and clean mutton.
Mix the above ingredients with mutton and cook in little water.
Cook until the meat is done.
Reduce water,cooking on a low flame keeping the lid opened.
Heat oil in a frying pan.
Saute chopped onion and shallots.
When it is done, add slit green chillies, curry leaves and ginger julienned.
When the aroma comes, add the meat mixture.
Stir slowly on a medium flame.
Allow the masala to cover the mutton pieces.
Sprinkle 1 pinches of garam masala powder over it.
Serve hot with chapathis and pathiris or parottas..!


  1. Dear Seena
    The mutton looks super delicious

  2. Adipoli !!Will try it on Christmas day.

  3. Stylish and can imagine the result..will try this next time with mutton.
    Hey,the blog glitters with its whole new fresh look and your crispy write ups as always...neenaal vaazhatte seens..

  4. Shilpa - pashion4lyf16 December 2009 at 00:25

    looks delicious!! and the procedure is simple enough even for first timers! :)

  5. Hi Seena, This look so very delicious, I always love your tasty cooking. :-)

  6. hello seena
    this mutton looks scumptious and I love the association of all the flavours ! thanks for hte sharing !
    I am Pierre from Paris I have a food blog dedicated to creative french cooking you are welcome to visit my blog door is always opensee you soon !!
    Cheers from France Pierre

  7. Good one.......

  8. This click is making me so hungry, believe me my stomach is growling at the sight of it. Inshallah I will be trying this very soon!

  9. simple and good tried it suppperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......................

  10. I tried n its yummy...i added a tsp pepper too...n this bcame awesome!


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