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14 Sept 2009

Mutton-Aloo-Palak / Spinach With Mutton And Potatoes

Three healthy ingredients in one dish! Yeah, here you have one such. If I start writing about spinach / palak it will make my post so lengthy. A very very healthy vegetable, with lots of nutrients cooked with mutton and potato, am sure you will never say no to this dish. I hadn't much expectation before preparing this, but surprisingly the whole dish finished soon!
Before you buy leaves check the leaves are fresh or not. Buy deep green leaves with tender stems with no signs of yellowing. Soak the whole leaves in a large vessel of water, clean each leaf dipping in that and remove dirts and soil. Change the water and continue cleaning until you find there is no dirt or soil remains in the washed water. Two or three times will be enough.
Then cut the hard stems and chop the leaves and cook for 1 minute. Water shouldn't be used to cook spinach, because the leaves already produce enough water while cooking.
My kids think spinach is very good, thats the only benefit they got after watching Popeye.. :)

Mutton Aloo Palak Ingredients
mutton 1/2 kg
potato 1 big
spinach / palak / cheera 1 medium small bunch
or 1/4 kg
onion 2 medium size
tomato 1
garlic cloves 5 small size
ginger 1/2 " piece
green chillies 2
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coriander powder 2 tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp
red chilly powder 1 tsp or as desired
garam masala powder 1/2 tsp
cumin seeds 1 pinch

How I prepared this
Peel and chop potatoes.
Wash and clean mutton.
Chop tomato and onions.
Clean and chop spinach.
Grind garlic-ginger-cumin seeds together to a paste.

Cook palak / spinach with salt without adding water.
Cook on a low flame.
Mash it using a ladle after cooked well.

Heat little oil in a heavy bottomed vessel.
Saute chopped onions till transparent.
Add ginger-garlic-cumin paste and saute for some time.
Add all the powders,chopped tomatoes and mutton.
Stir continuously and cook for some time.
Add spinach into this.
Mix well and cook covered on a medium flame.
No need to add water, since water comes from the spinach.
When the mutton is half cooked, put the potato pieces and slit green chillies into it.
Mix well and cook until done.
I transferred all the contents to a pressure cooker and completed cooking in that.
When everything cooked well, you get a thick gravy.
Sprinkle little garam masala over it.
Serve hot.
While cooking add water only if needed.
This would be good with rice, roti or chapathi.
Don't worry about losing the vitamins by over cooking spinach, you can take a delicious dish instead..
You can also add spinach in the end, but I haven't tried the same.. :)


  1. Beautiful and yumm. I wish i got mutton here.

  2. assalamualaikum,
    my boys too like spinach just because of popeye's power :). anyway i havent tried mutton with spinach ..will try it soon really looks good ...

  3. Hey seena,
    I am regular reader of your blog.Mutton Aloo Palak great comb...a quite different one...looks yummy....very innovative..
    Keep rocking dear:-)

  4. Palak in mutton....very new to me.

  5. The dish looks very delicious Seena...I have never had this combo before...have to try it soon :)

  6. looks yum! wanted to buy mutton today but they were out of stock in city centre, tcr! :(

  7. wow..beautiful picture.I surely have to try this out.Maybe this could be just the only way to get my son eat some veggies

  8. This looks lovely Seena and with spinach too YUM! :-)

  9. i seriously soo depend on blogs like yours to get ideas on non-veg recipes, me being a vegetarian and DH being a hard core meat eater! thanks!! :)

  10. Seena, this is a great recipe. I love mutton:) so needless to say, I am saving the recipe:) Thank you!

  11. kothi sahikkan vayya..ivide nalla mutton kittilla..nattile polathe..:(..

  12. I will definitely try this combo.

  13. seena

    mutton with spinach. i have taken this dish from a pakistani restaurant years ago. i told my wife this morning about this,she said she will try to cook for me.
    perunnalu varikayaanallo. ithu vechu tharaamengil perunnalinu varaam.

    jp uncle

  14. Love mutton in any form :) This looks yummy!

  15. Ramadan Kareem!! Mutton looks Yummy!! Pernal vibavamgalkkayi kathirikkunnu
    Love U

  16. hi Seena,
    Love all your recipes. You are a big inspiration for me in starting my own blog. I just started it.I would really appreciate if u take a look at it. Will be great to get advice from an expert like you.

  17. assalamualaikum,
    I prepared this by adding steamed and blended spinach at the end... It was delicious also loved it a lot.. Thanks for the recipe..

  18. Wa Alaikkum salam Abida!
    thanks a lot.. its a good opiton you chose.. steaming the palak and adding in the end, most delicious way without losing the vitamins.. hm, great! Hugs to your kids.. :)


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