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18 Jun 2009

Chammanthi Podi / Roasted Chutney Powder

Am scared to look at those serious faces! Years back, the picture was different. I have seen parents talking with others while waiting out side of a Dr's room, when I was a child.Nowadays people are more cautious and many don't speak to strangers, and some are stubborn to give a smile back. Moms from the previous generation are more innocent, who would never give up a chance to talk! When I look for mom, I can see she is seriously talking with a lady of her age! hm, what they are talking, may be discussing a recipe, or some family problems or about health..
Definitely , this recipe came through that way, shared by a Christian lady to mom during their chat in the hospital OP section.. :) This "roasted" version of chammanthi is good to keep for few days, or to send to your loved ones abroad..

Chammanthi podi Ingredients
coconut 2 numbers
small onions 10
ginger 2 " piece
garlic 4 or 5 cloves optional
tamarind 1 lemon size
red chillies 15 or as per taste
curry leaves 6 or 7 stalks
coconut oil 1 Tb sp

How to prepare
Chop small onions,ginger and grate coconut.
Remove seeds from tamarind.
Heat coconut oil in a heavy bottomed vessel.
Fry red chillies.
Add all other ingredients to this.
Stir continuously on a medium high flame.
Stir until the mixture reaches a nice brown / red color and crispy.
Remove from fire.
Allow to cool.
Powder them.
You can keep this for long in fridge, take with kanji, rice, dosa and idly etc.
The color depends on the chillies you use.
If you love dried prawns (unakka chemmeen), roast them and powder with this chammanthi podi...


  1. this is pack and take to hostel stuff :) memories!

  2. Wow this is yummy podi, i love the use of onions and coconut together!!

  3. And how do you use this powder? It sounds delicious.

  4. This is very new to me Seena,I have a bunch of podi recipes to post too ,this one I got to try soon:)

  5. One of my faourite,i am drooling here.

  6. Wow my favourite chammanthi podi! Perfect n delicious Seena! Can never have rice without this :D

  7. used to make this for me during hostel days..I gues she used to add some dal as well..chana..urud etc..:)

  8. Anything with coconut makes me drool!! Sounds delicious! :)

  9. looks so spicy and yummy.

  10. Chamanthi in any form is divine food for me...will have to make one of these one day and ur recipe it will day..

  11. Woooww...ithu kollaalo.....We normally buy this from store....I dint know how to make it....surely will make it once my jar gets empty:..

  12. 'chammanthi podi' looks awesome! we call it 'veppilakatti'. but the way we make it is a bit different from your version.

  13. Spicy! love the coconut in it.Smile doesn't cost a thing I wonder why some people never care to smile back.I always think about that famous hadith,Even a smile and a kind word is like charity:).

  14. want to copy and save but i couldn't

  15. Dear Jayashree,
    Could you please mail to me, I will reply you with the recipe, insha Allah. Check "contact" button on top menu bar.


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