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13 May 2009

Mint and Lemon Juice - A Green Cool Drink For The Summer

We have some mint / pudina plants in the back yard. Our helper often said she has seen some people drinking the juice of mint regularly and is there any benefit for this. Though I know mint has many health benefits we used it only while making biriyanis, or making chutneys / pudina chammanthi, or just added in raita. I think mint tea is popular worldwide. Mint is very good for stomach disorders. I have seen many use capsules contained pudina, but never thought of such a delicious drink until she says this. Also, have heard mint is good for treating pimple, for that the pulp of fresh leaves used. This juice should be taken fresh, otherwise it's color and taste will change a little.

Mint / pudina leaves 15
lemon juice 1 lemon
sugar approx. 4 Tbsp or as per taste
water 2 glasses

How to prepare
Wash and clean leaves very well.
Blend it very well with 1/2 glass water.
Strain it.
Add remaining water, lemon juice and sugar.
Mix well, serve immediately.
Hope you loved it! :)


  1. WOw such vibrant beautiful colour, i can imagine how refreshing and enjoyable, it will be to sip into this drink in a warm sunny day.

  2. Wow this is very healthy and refreshing drink :)

  3. Great colour..refreshing and flavorful with mint! Love the combo with lemon...and healthy too!

  4. Haa heavenly drink...I make this quiet often and yeah this one is very good for the digestive system. Love that first pic with the garnishings

  5. Lovely color! I usually make this with some ginger... kind of like the combination of ginger, lime and mint.
    One of my fav drinks.

  6. thats an awesome summer cooler!

  7. Very colorful and great for summer days!

  8. Mint juice is very new to me. It looks refreshing with a nice color. I have to try it soon :)

  9. Oh my my refreshing color and a great drink for the summer!!!

  10. Such a healthy drink Seena I love the colour. :-)

  11. Seena, thank you for this recipe dear, sure your Mama will love this!!!

  12. Wow, what a pretty color! It's definitely so healthy and refreshing. Yummy drink Seena :)

  13. seena,
    nice color..looks like a healthy drink

  14. Wow..nice color..and a healthy drink..will try this..

  15. Interesting recipe, never thought to mix those two flavors! It's such a vibrant green too, looks healthy. Hope you don't mind but I'd love to direct Foodista readers to your blog. Just add your choice of widget and you're all set!

  16. This looks so refreshing and summery :)

  17. Nice pic....saw a similar recipe in Vanitha mag with the name lime mint cooler...a very refreshing drink....

  18. Wow.... Thats kool...

    I am searching for this kind of coolers for this summer....

    thank you so much.....

  19. you may want to add a small piece of aloe vera(w/o the peel) makes it more refreshing and an incredible boost for your digestive system

  20. add some black salt in it according to taste.

  21. I will try this out, not only that it looks refreshing it surely seems very healthy to me. Thanks a lot!

  22. its really great with wonderful flavour and u can add instead of water ice cubes and blend them it will be great at a hot day


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