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6 May 2009

Goan Fish Curry

Before trying a Goan dish, I thought grinding is a part of Kerala cooking only.Most of the Keralites are always fed up of grinding batter for idli,dosa, or blending coconut for milk or paste or making chammanthis... Mixie or mixer grinder often stops working and many are still in search of a good mixer grinder. Even last week I checked the 'blades' of many brands, and was not satisfied! Some said Sumeet is good, others said preethi is good, any way I haven't taken a decision yet. Though the one with me is working very well, it has problems with its handle. I hope some expert cooks here may share their view in this.. :)
Goan cuisine is a mixture of different cuisines, and they have various dishes in sea food and meat. I tried this fish curry from vanitha, a recipe of Ammu mathew. The longer the process, the nicer the taste is true for this too, as usual.

Ingredients for making Goan style fish curry
fish fillets 8 pieces
whole dry red chillies 7
small onions 1/4 cup
garlic cloves 4 big
ginger 1 " piece
fennel seeds 1 pinch
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coconut grated 1 cup
coconut milk thick 1 cup
tamarind pulp 1 tsp
vinegar 2 Tb sp

The preparation method
Wash and clean fish.
The fish fillets should have 1 1/2 inch length and breadth.
Remove seeds from dry chillies.
Grind it with tamarind and turmeric.
Make a paste with garlic and ginger.
Again grind small onions to a paste.
Roast coconut in 1 tsp oil with fennel seeds until it gets little brown color.
Allow this to cool, and blend with little water.
Heat oil in a wok, saute small onions paste.
When it turns color, saute garlic and ginger paste.
After stirring for few seconds, add the chilly paste made with tamarind.
Saute and put fish pieces into it, with vinegar and salt.
Mix well carefully.
Pour the blended coconut solution, and add enough water to cook the fish.
Cook covered on a medium flame.
When oil starts floating on top, pour coconut milk.
Check for salt, allow to boil.
When the curry turns thick, remove from fire.
Add more vinegar if needed.
Hope you loved this! :)


  1. Wow really rich curry, with coconut and coconut milk, looks so yummy delicious. Wish i could have this for my dinner.

  2. Th fish curry looks thick and delicious...

  3. I know what you say about all those mixers and grinders. My husband things am running a grinder business on the sly as I keep searching for different types of these things when ever I hit a mall. Yet to find that perfect one for idli dosa grinding here and am waiting for my trip to New Jersey where they say you get all the best ones.

    Wow the curry looks so rich and tempting and any seafood dish with goa attached to it makes me hungry. Nice pics too seena

  4. Looks yummy n delicious! Feels great to know the recipe..was looking for one for a very long time!
    About the mixer, according to me and other friends of mine, Preethi is good. Many specially recommended the brand when I was about to go to US and was on the look out for a good mixer. Had played with it a lot for my experiments in the kitchen and still its working fine :)

  5. I am using my third Sumeet, using Summet since 1989, love this grinder. I also bought Preethi, didn't like it much, it's sitting in the cabin now.Check this out.

    Gravy looks rich and fab in this Fish dish, love Goan dishes! :)

  6. The curry looks rich and creamy, a good variation from the usual fish kozumbu for me, I shuld try this soon :)

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  8. Seens,nattilayirunnappol grinder vangal thannayirunnu enteyum pani..haha..vicharichathu ithu ente mathram vattannato..thanks for being the buddy..pinne Goan fish curry kalakki ketto.
    ekdam professional !!

  9. The curry is different and very delicious looking!

  10. I dont know the name of the curry though I make it pretty much the same way... nice picture... My first visit here, blogrolled you shall come back for more...

  11. oh..i love Goan perfectly at home with Goan or Mangalorean food probably coz of the similarity with kerala cusine..and all the more coz fish is such a important part of the meal..this looks so delicious..

  12. haha..mixer vaagi maduthu.ini nattil povumbho grinder kondu varanam..
    goan fish curry adipoli. ivide curry vachaal kazhikathathu karanam fry amthrame ullu..
    enna thirichu varunnathu?

  13. Ahhh the ever-popular fish curry I haven't had a chance to taste yet!

  14. Nalla rasamundu curry kaanaan.sure it will taste yummy too....About mixies, my mother-in-law has been using sumeet for very long time and she switched to preethi. She was happier with sumeet(eventhough it has a bomb-blasting sound).She said that sumeet lasts longer and blades are better in sumeet ones.Im too planning to buy one sumeet during my next visit to India. My mom went to buy sumeet in Abu-dhabi and she bought Meenumix after hearing the expert advise from one salesman and that is a horrible brand i feel. The small mixie for grinding chutney is good since it grinds real well, but the lid is loose and we have to keep our hand on top inorder to stop the lid from flying!!! Apart from that the blender is a waste. It wudnt even grind apples in them while making apple juice.U get chunks of apples in the juice even after blending it for very long!!!

  15. hi Seena, i've had Goan fish curries places other than Goa!this recipe is great n worth a try. love the pic

  16. Hi da..
    fish curry looks nice dear..makkalkk vacation ayathu kondu anoo etrem busy ha :) ..hw r u doing

  17. Hi Seena, thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, I am from Kerala:-)-Shreya (logged in another account, so posting anonymous!:D)

  18. I love this curry Seena I will try it some time for sure.

  19. Yeah...lots of grinding and stuff...most of the south Indian dishes demand grinding so much!!

    Love this curry, spicy, rich and nice.

  20. Adipoli curry aanallo Seena...kandiitu kothiyaavunnu!!!!Abt the mixie...i had used Sumeet for 5 yrs before n unfortuately the lid broke n since in UAE its difficult to get a lid alone i had to buy a new one..this time i brought PReethi...well old model Sumeet's were too good but i hear that the present ones r not that good..not sure though....Preethi blue leaf is good...i've been using it for more than a yr now...

  21. Thanks Zareena for the information.. :) Try the Goan curry.. hope you will love it.. :)

  22. The colour looks so good! I love goan fish curries.....they have amazing flavours!

  23. Wow!! What a GREAT looking goan fish curry! This dish looks so beautiful with the colours. It's a Very tempting and delicious recipe. Can't wait to see your posting, my mouth is watering. Will try it out soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. thanks Sam, hope to see you back! All the best ..!!:)


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