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1 Apr 2009

Almonds / Badam Payasam

Since I was little busy, I had been looking for a simple recipe to publish this week. This was waiting for long in the line, now it is best time to show its face, specially in this hot weather..
Actually I had no idea what to call this, simply a payasam or a delicious chilled drink? A drink prepared with almonds would always be rich and delicious! I loved it when served chilled, especially its thickness with almond taste.. Do add more milk to change the thickness according to your taste.

Ingredients used for preparing
badam 1/2 cup
milk 1/2 litre
sugar 1/4 cup or as per your taste
cardomam 1 crushed or cardomaom powder 2 pinches
saffron few strands

How to prepare
Peel badam. (see here how to peel badam). Grind it with little milk to a thick paste. This paste should be fine.
Boil milk. Add this paste to the boiling milk. Add sugar and powdered cardomam.
continue stirring. When this begins to thick, add few saffron strands and remove from fire. Put crushed pistachios or cashewnuts. I prefer drinking this chilled.


  1. is that a passion fruit in the header? looks good! and badam milk/payasam always gets a thumbs up from me :)

  2. Slurp! Badami Haalu looks delicious. Hope you are doing well Seena!:)

  3. Yeah, Nags! It is passion fruit, H took it with his mobile.. :)

    Asha, doing well, see you there.. :)

  4. Whatever you call it seens,so yummy that i am drrling over..would like to come over to have some cups there..hmmm..manushyane ingane drohikkaruthu he..(enthundu nammude kunjungalude visesham?)

  5. im game anyday fo bdam payasam, Seena!! :)

  6. The payasam looks so yummy, easy to make with a few ingredients, love it :)

  7. Badam drink is to any season, have it cold or hot it is delicious!

  8. May I have some please? :)

  9. badam milk is so very tasty. All the goodness of almonds and chilled even better:)

  10. Did you chande you deco of the blog.
    Delicious payasom.

  11. gorgeous payasam! almonds make anything yummy. Pic looks great.

  12. awesome..i can drink that full cup in a single sip!!

  13. Mouthwatering payasam ...

  14. Wow....thats a generous serving! I am sure I can gulp down the entire thing :)

  15. I'm a house wife and I started cooking only after my marriage and within this one year of my life as a housewife I was able to achieve several accolades for my cooking from my family, friends and especially from my husband. And I just want to thank you for that because it's mostly your recipes that gave me this appreciation....

    Thank you Seena...
    keep going...

  16. i should say ur taste is almost similar to mine and it reminds me of my mom's cooking. not too spicy...and i too dont like adding cashew and raisins in biriyani. i'm not an expert in cooking and just started after coming to qatar last year. thanx for all the simple and delicious recipes.

    ur work is awesome and best wishes for making it even better.

    Jazakallah khair...

  17. Looks delicious Seena I love the contrast of colour in the black cup. :-)


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