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24 Mar 2009

Raw Papaya Curry

Here is a very simple papaya curry for those lazy souls like me.. :) This tastes great with rice and pickle or fish fry or a chammanthi, but no hard work to make.. I think papaya known in many different names like karumoos, dharmas, omakkaaya etc.. Whatever the name, most of keralites may be familiar with the different dishes prepared using papaya, at least a juice or shake with the ripe papaya or a thoran with the raw one.Here, my umma would compel kids to take curry or thoran prepared using raw papaya.Raw papaya is good to cure digestive disorders occured by intestinal worms etc.Children are mostly attacked by this and show hesitation to take their food.So this is often advised to give them with their usual lunch, I think the thoran / dry curry form is the best.The white sticky juice (contains papain) coming from the papaya skin has much medicinal values and is used for preparing some medicines too.Do google for it and come back with lots of information.. :) Am lazy to write..Hope you all will surely love this curry..

Papaya tree with raw papaya fruits... Taken with a mobile phone..

Papaya Curry Ingredients
Papaya 1 whole medium size
coconut grated 1 1/2 cups
coconut oil
turmeric powder 1 tsp
mustard seeds for seasoning
curry leaves few
whole red chillies 2

How to prepare

Peel and chop papaya.
Cook with turmeric powder, salt and enough water.
Mash it when it is well cooked.
Blend coconut in enough water to make a medium thick gravy.
Pour it in the cooked papaya, mix and allow to boil.
Don't boil for long.
Remove from fire.
Heat little coconut oil in a pan, splutter mustard seeds, saute curry leaves and red chillies and pour into the curry.
Finished! :)


  1. These days i am seeing lot of dishes which makes me homesick.
    I love this papaya curry, i used to eat loads of rice if my mom made this curry.
    Looks so delicious.

  2. ive never made anything with raw papaya so far..this looks really delicious!

  3. wow thats a nice curry. Sometime before i posted a koottu with this unusual papaya :) But urs seems very tasty and a must to try.
    First time here. u have a wonderful blog dear.

  4. Oh, how I miss it. loved raw Papaya dishes my mom used to make. I don't get it here, sometimes I see them in the store but I am sure it's half ripe inside. Curry looks yum! :)

  5. never heard of this but looks very delicious,Thanks for sharing this recipe

  6. THe curry looks delicious, looks easy with a few ingredients, I have to try this dish soon :)

  7. seena,
    this looks delicious and easy to make...i always prepare with toor daal. iam goign to try this version.

  8. We make only salad, curry is a delicous way to eat i guess!

  9. Seena da,aa photo kandittu veedu valare miss cheyyunnu..pandu veetil muzhuvan ee papaya aayirunnappo oru interestum illarunnu..ippo raw aaya orennam kaanan kothikkunnu..pinne nammal tsril avialnu speciality undakkunnathu avide orupadulla ee veg aanu ille ? pinne ithu thrirumeettu thoran..? ho,missing..thanks for posting da

  10. Have never tried cooking raw papaya ! Looks good:)

  11. Looks delicious Seena! Will give it a try...

  12. That first pic served good for my hungry soul..Ho..truptiyayi..nostalgia adichu marikkua ippo..:D:D..
    Amma epozhum thoran undakkuayrunnu..neva made a curry I guess..We were quite allergic to it as kids..veettil ishtam pole undavuallo..athu kondu..:P

  13. Love the curry, looks perfect.

  14. Hi Seena...
    new look is good, blue was better... how are you? hope you remember me... today going to prepare vazhacoomb cutlet ,I am at my inlaws place... so hope it will come out good and tasty.

  15. Hi Seena I love your new look on your website it is very beautiful well done. I love the papaya tree. :-)

    This recipe sound sdelicious and it is so healthy too.

  16. I liked the new template! Pappaya curry looks so delicious!!I am waiting for ur arrival on 3rd..See u !!

  17. Wow....looks delicious! Love the colour of the curry.

  18. Seena, sugham thanneyalle???
    I love raw papaya best in the thoran form.

  19. love ur new template and also the curry

  20. OH SO GOOD!! thank you, seena!


  21. looks nice and simple....going to try right now. Thank you, Suzan

  22. so good minimadhanraj


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