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8 Feb 2009

Pacha Manga Curry / Raw Mango Curry

Another simple recipe to try out during this mango season! This will taste better if you prepare it with some "moovandan mangoes"..And small mangoes / kanni manga are very good for this.

Manga Curry Ingredients
Mango pieces peeled and chopped 1 cup
coconut grated 1 cup
chilly powder 2 tsp or as desired
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp
coconut oil
mustard seeds
curry leaves

How to prepare
Cook mango pieces with enough water, chilly powder, turmeric powder and salt.
Blend coconut in water to make a fine solution. This must be enough thick.
When the mango pieces are cooked, pour the blended solution into this.
When it begings to boil, remove from fire. Don't allow to boil for long.
Heat little coconut oil, allow mustard seeds to splutter, add curry leaves.
pour this into the curry.


  1. " someone is showing off with all the mango dishes....and kothippikkafying the less fortunates ones...... " :))))))

  2. Hi Seena, Mango curry is new to me. Sounds yum.

  3. da,ippozhum mangayaano ? drooling..pinne last postil njan thante 'puttu' lekku oru link koduthirunnu.

  4. Youknow i am droolng ehre this is one of my fav curry..
    Looks yum yumm yum.............

  5. My all tim efav..droooooooollllll

  6. Delicious curry seena,those mangoes looks so cute,brings back the memories of the mango tree in our back yard .

  7. The curry looks so good!

  8. Now I see the comments! YAY!

    Mango dal looks very very adiploli, Seena.See! I learnt a Malayalee word, thanks to you! :D

  9. Seena, maanga kanichu kothippikkaya alle? Kazhiyumengil kurachu ivideyum ayachu tharooo :)) .....Manga acharum super ayitundu :)
    How have u been? :)
    Enikku sukham thanne, might plan an India trip this year.

  10. Salaam Seena,Please trail back to my blog for a token of gratitude:)

  11. I came and return with ur comment section closed :( Don't do that, we can understand ! R u in mango mood! Sounds another delish dish Seena.

  12. slurrp....pacha manga curry with paraboiled rice and pickle.would be a terrific combo!!

  13. pacha maga curry kandittu vayil vellam varunnu .Adipoli.....evide kittunna kanga nammude nattile atra varilla ...


  14. wow!! that mango curry defenitely looks delicious!! im gonna make some as soon as we get some raw mangoes here...

  15. yummy
    it looks so good
    wish we cud get raw tangy mangoes

  16. hi seena,
    is this curry made with pacha manga? i will have to try it out... I have got a lot of pacha manga lying in my fridge not being able to find many recipes to put them into use.

  17. Yeah Zerin, this is with pachamanga, a simple one! :)

  18. hi i am lafia...i made this was yummy!!!my husband liked it very much...thanx for the recipe...

  19. Lafia, thanks!
    Actually this is a V.good curry easy to make, but most of the time I can't cook like mom do.. Whenever she makes this, I am the one, who finish it..
    keep visiting and commenting.. :)

  20. My Fav....
    USile manga vachundakkiyaal ee ruchi kittilla...

  21. Hey Seena,
    hope you are doing good.
    Prepared the mango curry yesterday. First reaction was , wow this is so simple! And since this is my first time and first time is sometimes pain, the amount of coconut paste and mangoes was more and hence a lil bit sour. But the taste was awsome and in his words "this is the real nadan kerala taste" and I just blushed! :) thanks to you!

  22. Nimi, njan veenu poyi.. :)
    am doing good da. Actually this is mom's recipe and love when she makes this.. this is mango season, but don't have much mangoes this time.. nice to read your comment, all the best dear.. :)


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