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22 Sept 2008

Simple Falooda Drink

I hate luxurious life.I don't love wearing adornments. Am a poor relative of our rich Falooda. Because of the simplicity in preparing me and the health benefits am providing , I have been an inevitable drink among the nombu thura (breaking fast in Ramadan) dishes in the blog author's house.. I am prepared of two main ingrediets , arrowroot powder(koova podi) and basil seeds(takmaria or sabja seeds or falooda seeds) in milk with sugar, both are very healthy.. The cereal made with arrowroot powder and milk helps to cure cystytis. I hope you are able to get arrowroot powder in your place to try out me. Normally making powder from fresh arrowroots is a lengthy procedure.
First wash and clean the fresh roots. Pound them in a mortar. Mix it with drinking water in a vessel. Let the white powdered like juice mix in water properly. Take the remaining part out and pound it again. Repeat the process. Let this water remain for some time. You can see the powder precipitated in the bottom. Then discard the water on top. Dry this powder in sunlight.(Information shared by author's mother)
You will get much knowledge about the next ingredient - basil seeds - from the net. These basil seeds are known as black kuskus in some places.

Ingredients and how to prepare
Koova podi / Arrow root powder 1 or 2 tsp (for desired thickness)
milk 1 glass
basil seeds 1 or 1 1/2 tsp
sugar according to taste
vanilla essence little

oak basil seeds in little driking water.Allow it to swell.Mix arrowroot powder with milk. Boil on a medium heat stirring continuosly. When this becomes thick remove from fire. (If you continue boil it, the solution will start thinning).
Allow this to cool. Add sugar and essence. Then add the previously soaked basil seeds into this.(Don't add this to hot milk).Keep refrigerated.
If you like, add chopped fruits , ice cream , crushed nuts and rose syrup to the above.

See a beautiful lady from our family.... ;)


  1. looks awesome, Seena. Adipoli ;)

  2. we call this as sabja seeds...we sometimes add to drinking water also....and have as such!!!

  3. Simplicity at its best! Ramadan Kareem!

  4. When i went to india i wnted to buy tulasi seeds but forgot.
    Love the drink.

  5. This sounds a delicious drink Seena, I love the picture with all of the seeds mixed in the drink. I bet it is very tasty and delicious. :-)

  6. Hi Seena, this is so cool to look at, I am sure it was refreshing. I have sabja seeds at home, and koova podi. will try your recipe:-)

  7. Haven't been to your blog in a while. Bad me:) This drink looks and sounds very refreshing. Yum!

    Happy Ramadan to you!

  8. Simple and love that pristine colour...

  9. thanks for the info on arrowroot seena. The falooda sure looks very healthy in white.

  10. Cool Seena, From where we can get drink!!

  11. Thanks Friends,

    Bhawna, pls ask in Indian grocery stores.I think this is widely used.. :)

  12. Falooda looks lovely..and nice writeup..

  13. a very nice change from the badam milk.:

  14. Eid Mubarak Seena!

  15. Eid Mubarak to you and family!

  16. hi this thulasi seed also called as karutha khus khus?

  17. Yeah, thats black in color and known as karutha kuskus.. :)Let me know if you tried.. :)

  18. khus khus 'pooppy' seeds alle? i'm not sure.

  19. Fem, this is not poppy seeds. poppy seeds , velutha kuskus - that we usally add in curries and biryani. this is karutha kuskus.. that is sabja seeds.. hope you got it right! :)


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