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5 Apr 2008

Verum Puli - A Vegetable Curry

My friend Latha Jayaprakash sent me this recipe when she saw the peel and stem recipes here.
Latha is my "senior friend" who has much knowledge in various subjects including homeopathy, beauty care etc. She owns a beautiful blog too. Please check her blog, you can find many helping articles there regarding beauty care.

Whenever I cook noodles my son would request me to make it without "orange and green things"... :) My daughter remains silent, but after completing the meal there would be a pile of carrots and beans in her plate. They love only few veggies like cauliflower,brinjals etc. Recently I found they like broccoli very much, my little boy asks now, give me the "the tree-like vegetable" ma please... :) This curry , I prepared using the broccoli and spinach stems. Latha suggested to make it with one vegetable at a time.

Vegetables - 1 cup chopped
grated coconut - 1 1/2 cups
red chillies 4 or 5 or as per taste
tamarind, shredded into small pieces - 1/2 to 1 tsp as desired
Roasted and powdered fenugreek seeds - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder and salt as needed

How to preapare
Cut the vegetables in to small pieces and cook them in a little water with turmeric and salt.
Grind coconut, red chillies, tamarind ( valan puli not kodum puli ) to a nice smooth paste.

Roast and powder fenugreek seeds. Mix them all together with a little water into a thick paste
add to the boiling vegetables.
Remove from fire when the curry turns frothy.

heat coconut oil, add curry leaves some chopped small onion, brown and pour over the curry.


  1. This looks really yummy....and the "tree like vegetable" comment was very sweet!

  2. Wow Seena this looks so very tasty! I will check out Lathas link thanks, it sure looks a great recipe I love the colour, yummy.

  3. Hi Seena! The curry looks yummy...

  4. He he, my son tell the same seeing the broco "mom is it a tree?" Gosh first i heard it i did't find any answer, now i really chopping so it doesn't look like TREE :) Great curry to share

  5. I love that color, Seena! How did u get it without roasting the coconut? I make something similar but the color is quite different.
    Must be the tamarind and red chillies...

  6. tree-like vegetables? that's cute.

  7. wow, thats delicious. pic is lovely

  8. pic looks awesome seena:))new to me ..must try

  9. Thanks friends!
    Yeah TBC, I have some homegrown tamarind that have much dark color.As you said, chillies plus tamarind gave such a color to the curry..

  10. Seena, this looks delicious. I made chicken curry at home, but vegetable curry sounds equally delicious! it's easy to make too. i love the taste of tamarind, too.

  11. This veg curry looks sooo simple n delicious...suits ur title:) love the rich color also..thankz for the new dish seena...

  12. thats a new recipe for me :) thanks for sharting. the tree-like-vegetable was absolutely cute:)

  13. Hi Seena,

    I found answer to my question asked to you.I found many curries in this section.this one is quite good.Can you suggest with what all veg can I make this??


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