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26 Mar 2008

Vegetable Samosa


Potato 1 boiled and peeled
green peas cooked 3/4 cup
cauliflower florets 1 cup cooked carrots chopped 1 Tbsp
onions 2 chopped
ginger 1/2 " piece chopped
green chillies chopped 2
curry leaves and coriander leaves few chopped
fennel seeds / perumjeerakam powder 2 pinches
cumin seeds / jeerakam powder 2 pinches optional
garam masala 1/2 tsp
pepper powder 1/4 tsp
chilli powder 1/2 tsp
coriander powder 1 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder 1/4 tsp


Heat oil saute chopped onions. When transparent add chopped ginger and green chillies. Saute for a while. Add chopped cauliflower , carrots and saute. Break potato (don't mash it like we do for cutlets) and add it to this along with green peas. Stir after adding all the powders and curry leaves and coriander leaves too. Add salt too.

For making dough,
Samosa dough is always prepared using maida and baking powder. I wouldn't use much of maida for cooking except for making cake. So I make dough using a mixture of atta and maida.You can take the equal amounts of maida and atta for this. Or use it as you desired. Add ghee or oil while kneading the dough. Fill the mixture in the samosa cones as you see in the above picture and deep fry them. Serve with hot chilly or garlic tomato ketchup or some green chutneys..!


  1. nice one, i dont add baking powder and had hot oil or ghee while kneading the douh, this way, it remains flaky and crisp for a longer time.

  2. always feel samosa is a lot of work, never tried it :)

  3. Nice step by step instructions...made with aloo stuffing some time back

  4. Samosas look yummy and crispy Seena!

  5. Great samosa's..Nice pictorial explaination..

  6. lovely seena...nice step by step instructions..thank u so much for sharing the recipe:)

  7. That looks delicious and clear step by step instruction. Good one.

  8. Looks nice and crisp.....I like the step-by step pics that you've given.

  9. Looks perfect, Seena! Your instructions make it sound so easy, too. :)

  10. Hi seena
    just visiting your blog at this hour and looking at your samosas made me feel so hungry..they look so tempting and your visual appeal is very good.

  11. I hardly make samosas but I love home-made and this looks awesome.

  12. I love those samosas. It is really great that u made it step by step..

  13. Lovely-looking samosas, Seena. I was curious- did the addition of atta make the samosas any less crispier than they would be with the maida alone?

  14. love samosa :))thanks for step by step instructions,will try them for sure

  15. I too make these..they r time consuming ..but worth it..

  16. wow... they look so crispy.

  17. Samosas are welcome any time of the day!!
    Yours look lovely!!

  18. Hi Seena,
    Made your samosa as tiffin and came out well.
    thank you.

  19. the samosas look fantastic, Seena! Very nice instructions.

  20. Lovely Samosas..Been years since i made them..Didnt come out good at that time...Your instructions have got me thinking to give it a try..Thanks for sharing

  21. i never made samosas before. u know what we hardly get get to see step by step recipe pictues.. thats really good u did.. thanks

  22. Samosas are my all time fav snacks. But take a lot of time to prepare and gets finished instantly! :-) These look so good, can you send some to me?

  23. Seena, I love your samosa! You did a great job showing a step by step prep. It helps! THey look so crisp and I have a hard time resisting crispy food! I will make your samosas. Thanks for posting.

  24. hey seena,
    nice samosa & nice explanation with photos

  25. wow!!! love those cute crispy samosas...well done seena...step by step pics are nice...i have tried making samosas was a lot of work...result was samosas were hard :(....may be next time i'll try ur style...

  26. Thanks friends for the comments!

    Yeah, the samosas will be crispier when fried but it won't remain long like that made with maida.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback. Am very happy to know that you tried out it soon when published!

  27. I want to try this out soon! Thanx for posting step by step folding pictures!

  28. nice step by step pics seena

  29. I was near satwa today...if I'd seen this earlier, I'd have stopped by...:)

  30. I could kill for them! they look yummy seena , first time on your blog!!

  31. Thats a very nice recipe seena. Great job you have done. Love the step by step pics. I'v been looking for this kind recipe for samosa very long time. Bookmarked it.

  32. Samosas look so yummy! :-)

  33. Really great step by step instructions for samosas.Looks wonderful!

  34. hi Seena my name is Nancy
    I made this Samosa It was yummy ........
    thanks for this recepie and pictures

  35. Thanks Nancy! Hope to see you here again.. :)

  36. Hi Seena,
    I tried this receipe and it came out very well.I added 2-3 drops of lemon juice at last stage to get a tangy taste.Anyway the samosas tastes really nice and looks also very good.
    Tried ur spicy french toast also,that too came out nicely.
    Thanks for these grt receipes.

  37. Thank you Priya!
    I too love both recipes, lemon juice idea is nice..
    Hope to see u again! :)

  38. Hi Seena,
    I tried making your samosa..The inner part of the crust is not getting done(When you bite it,you will see white color of th crust)But when I fry it longer,nothing changes except that it gets dark brown in the outer.I think I made some silly mistakes..Any idea what went wrong?

  39. Hi Paru,
    sorry, was busy with kids exams, so late to reply.. :)
    the inner part will not look the same as outer part. Fry on a medium heat, other wise the outer part would be cooked soon and the inner will remain uncooked..

  40. Wow! Samosas are my favorite snack too. Your step by step instructions tempts me to try it out soon. Thanks for the recipe Seena.


  41. Thank You so much for this recipe. I made it already so many times and my family so happy...
    Best Regards from Lithuania. :)


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