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31 Mar 2008

Fish Machboos / Kabsa

Arabic Rice is also known as Kubsa or Machboos. The one with chicken is always a hit at home. I love it since the preparation time is less and recipe is easy to follow. This is the traditional dish of Arabs and they add lots of raisins and nuts like almonds , pine nuts in this.Some add vegetables too.The Machboos (read makboos) preparation varies from region to region and each Middle east country has its own version of Kubsa Rice.

Fish 6 fillets big
basmati rice 3 cups
onion 1 big
tomato paste 3 Tbsp
cardamoms 3
cinnamons 3 pieces 1/2 " size
cloves 3
pepper corns 1 tsp
cumin seeds 1/2 tsp
pepper powder 1 tsp
saffron few strands
dried lemon 1 whole
zaatar 1 tsp optional
garlic ginger paste 2 tsp
olive oil 2 Tbsp
Hot water 6 cups

How to prepare
Marinate fish pieces using pepper powder, salt and garlic ginger paste. Heat little oil in a pan and fry the fish pieces. No need to make too crisp.
Heat olive oil, add cumin seeds and all spices . Saute chopped onion in this. When it is transparent add tomato paste , washed rice and dried lemon . Add 6 cups boiled water into this. Cook it on a medium heat. When the rice is about 3/4 cooked , reduce heat, add saffron, thyme and place the fish pieces on top.Cover with a lid and cook this on low flame until done. Swich off fire when the rice is cooked. First place the fish pieces into a serving bowl. Then serve rice without breaking the fish pieces.


  1. thats a fancy name for the dish :) looks realy yummy!

  2. seena,
    kure naalukalkku sehsham oru comment:)
    this diff. variety of rice looks nice..will try it out sometime

  3. love tha name.....this is new to me..sounds grt...wanna try smetime :)

  4. oh i have had this a long time back and tried making it but didn't have a good recipe. will surely try it ur way now.thanks!!

  5. Seena, I can't keep up with your blog:) You post so many and they are all mouth-watering:)) You are such an inspiration! This dish looks yummy. We add raisins and other dried stuff to our pilaffs, too, but this recipe is a bit different so I am going to try it. Thanks a lot!

  6. love the name:)looks so yumm

  7. Dear Seena,
    U've got a wonderful blog...i've tried many recipes but i dint get the real taste...for sure gonna try this one....

  8. This sounds new to me.... Love this recipe a lot.... Sounds great...

  9. Hum Fancy name, rice is tempting

  10. Looks delicious Seena. I love Machboos a lot!

  11. Thanks for the nice info regarding arabic rice :) Lovely recipe and photo. On our Disney trip, we also got to visit a Moroccan restaurant where we had Chicken Shawarma and Tabbouleh for the first time . It was delicious :) I love arabic foods too :)

  12. oh,you will really make us try it by those mouth watering pictures, one thing about the machboos do we have to drain the rice, or cook it till water dries. i make machboos but with arabic masala, but will surely try urs, naseeba


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