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6 Aug 2007

Request A Recipe.....

I remember some readers had asked the recipes of gothambu orotti, chattipathiri, biryani sweet chutney , oondi etc... Since you left comment in various recipes section, I couldn't remember them all. You can leave a request here, if you want any recipe. Am not sure to reach you soon, but will do as possible... :)


  1. Hai Friend,
    Do you know how to make vendakka pulinkury?I dont know to which place it belongs.May be from palakad.
    I tried some of your recipes and like those.So only I am searching here for the recipes which I don't know correctly.
    Thanks and regards,

  2. Liji,
    thanks for the comment, I will try to post it asap.. :)

  3. assalamualikkum...
    can u plz post the recipe for any curry using soya chunks which can go with chappathi/roti?

  4. assalawalikum,
    i would like to have more rice and meat recipies

  5. Femina, Wa Alaikkum assalam..! Will surely publish a recipe insha Allah, since i don't like the taste of soya chunks, I didn't try to blog about it.. had tried biryani and curry with it.. :) Let me check am able to get it here.. :)

  6. Assalamu alaikkum seena..

    Ramadan mubarak..!! Can u plss post some ramadan special snacks recipe for me..plsss


  7. Wa alaikkum salam Shabnam,
    I already have posted some, pls check them. If you need a spcl dish pls let me know..
    It is very difficult to post all the recipes together.. :)

  8. Asalamu alaikum..ramadan mubarak!!.m new to ur blog and i must admit ts a wonderful thing that u have done..!!i will soon be trying out the recipes and post comments...i would love to try out muttamala and have been searching fr the recipe fr so long..if u know the recipe kindly post t here...

  9. Ammu,
    Yeah, I have seen the whole process and have the recipe with me, hope to post it soon insha Allah.. stay tuned.. :)

  10. Hi Seena,

    I'm a bachelor in NZ...dint knw 'abc' of cooking when I came here 6 months back..not even tea...
    But picked up things in the last few months..I found out ur blog only today! will try out ur recipes..but green chillies are bloody expensive you think chilli powder can be the substitute?
    Its amazing to see you blog actively and passionately! Keep up the good work!

  11. assalamu alaikkum...... ramdan mubarak... i am a regular visitor of ur site.......can u post the receipe of meat roll...... it think many of us r waiting 4 tat......

  12. Githin, thanks for the nice words!
    Glad to know you liked my efforts.. About green chilly , chilly powder wouldn't be a substitution for that, but you try to use black pepper instead..
    Hope you can cook very well soon.. All the best! :)

  13. Shafna,
    Wa alaikkum salam!
    Will try to post meat roll, insha Allah!
    If you need a recipe soon, which I didn't try out I can mail you from my collection.. :)

  14. hats off to u...............i tried ur fried rice & chilly chicken.Got so many compliments.

  15. hi seena
    i m a regular reader of ur blog. i need to knw how to cook mussels in kerala style. please help me:)


  16. Keerthy,
    I wouldn't get mussels here to try out.. If you want a recipe, pls mail me, hope I can send one.. :)

  17. Thulasy Mary Elizabeth3 September 2009 at 08:41


    Can you post the receipe to make soft and tasty Idly especially the proportion of rice and urunnu.I heard that parboiled rice can also be used for making idly.
    Thulasy Mary Elizabeth

  18. Hi Seena,
    I found out your blog very recently. Your receipes are excellent & simple. Can you post the receipe of muttayappam?


  19. Thulasy,
    Idli recipe is already in 'break fast dishes' list. You can check it out there.. all the best! :)
    Let me check. I have one recipe of muttapathiri or ottappam, am wondering thats the recipe you are asking for? :)