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6 Jun 2007

Nellikka Chammanthi /Gooseberry Chutney

Do you like to take a very healthy side dish with your rice? Me always lazy to eat gooseberries, found this way to have raw gooseberries, without losing its vitamin C content. This is the way to avoid my DH's usual queries, did you throw away it? I forget the refrigerated gooseberries all the time when he buys. Pickles/Achar, Uppilittathu(in brine),gooseberry syrup etc are the other forms of Kerala Nellikka/Gooseberry dishes.

Ingredients and method of preparation
Gooseberry 6 chop and discard seed
Ginger 1/2 inch piece
Garlic 1 clove optional
Small onions 6
Curry leaves few ( I prefer adding lots of curry leaves)
Green chillies 2 or 3 or as desired
Grind all the above ingredients together. Add little (about 1 teaspoon) coconut oil on top if you find it too spicy.

Goose berry is rich in vitamin C.It provides immunity.It has an anti ageing property and makes body cool. It is the main ingredient in the "Chyawanprasam" which is famous rasayana for immunity. It is also known as Amla.


  1. Asha said...
    Lucky you get Nellikai.Brought back childhood memories!:))

  2. everybody seems to be in a chammandi mode. must be the heat.

  3. hi seena!
    That looks really different. This is the first time i am seeing Gooseberry chutney. I too dont like to have gooseberries. I think i will try it this way. thanks for posting it.

  4. wow ...this is nice one ...must be great with dosa and idli ...

  5. Nellikai was a part of our childhood vacation days Sneha. Loved them. Never got to have chutney made out of it. Thanx for the recipe

  6. I blogged one recently too.. Love nellikka chammanthi.
    I am curious to know about the gooseberry syrup you are talking about. Is that the one with jaggery? Please post the recipe.

  7. Seena, Nice way doing Nallikai, love em pickles :) Thx

  8. I love Chammanthi with Kanji.

  9. wow Seena yummy mouth watering i love nellikai chutney.

  10. i like nellikka pickle..woh..easy & quick recipe

  11. Hi Seena I bet this chutney tastes wonderful with the gooseberries :)

  12. Asha,
    glad to know the gooseberries have taken you back to childhood! sweet..

    right, temperature is high here, chammandi oru rakshappedal thanne..

    try this, you will be able to get all its benefits..

    Sure Deepa,
    You can take it with Dosa, idli ..but I prefer eating with rice and sambar.

  13. Seema,
    welcome, thanks for visiting..Yeah, Nellikka was a part of everybody's child hood..

    Welcome !
    correct, it is made with jaggery, have you taken it before? Am leaving to Kerala, withing two weeks, hope to blog the real recipe with pics..ok?

    Thanks Aruna..glad to know you loved it!

  14. Ente Fairy,
    Athividem paranjo..ha thottupoyi..

    Thanks Roopa,try it, think about the health benefit only.

    You can give this to Varsha without adding chillies..

    sure. When you blog all healthy recipes, am with atleast one..

  15. Hey, I love Nellikai but have never had the chutney though. Nellikai brings back old sweet memories!!! :)

  16. Aha athu seri pinney keralathui poyittu Ummade recipe thattan nokkallee,Umma seenaye plagiarisathinu casu koduthennirikkum...:)
    Nice post seena,love that sweet and bitter combo of the Nellikkai

  17. Ramya,
    Yeah, nellikkai added sweetness to our childhood, me also had the same, but I like the other type, one arinellikka, don't know exact Eng name..

    Angane parayalle kuttee .. she is waiting for me to make my favourite dishes..pinne oru photo edukkanda karyamalle ulllooo..


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