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12 May 2007

Manjal / Turmeric / Haldi

Benefits of Turmeric
We all know turmeric is a main ingredient in Kerala cuisine.
It acts as an Anti septic and an antibacterial agent.
Well-known as a ingredient for increasing beauty.
It can alleviate the poison.
Adding turmeric in curries helps to deactivate the poisonous substances in food.
Adds colour and brightness to skin.
Very useful in skin diseases.
Helps to reduce the unwanted hairs on skin , pimple and marks.
Can be used with Gramflour (Besan,Kadalamaavu,Kadalapodi) green gram powder, red sandal wood powder, milk cream, neem leaves etc for beautiful skin and in skin diseases.
It is wise to use turmeric powder, after drying and powdering the fresh turmeric, especially for cooking.
According to Ayurveda, daily intake of fresh turmeric powder will reduce the cancer risk.
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  1. Hi Seena thankyou for this interesting post. I am always interested in health benefits of food and spices :)


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