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22 Apr 2007

Small Onion / Kunjulli / shallots

I thought to provide some information about the commonly used ingredients in the Kerala Cuisine. We all know, small onions have an important role in a large amount of the dishes. This adds extra deliciousness to the dish.

According to Ayurveda, small onions are useful for the treatment of Cancer, diabetes, plague, dropsy, tuberculosis and heart diseases.
The amount of iron in small onion is high. So eating small onions or using it in every day cooking will prevent anemia.
To prevent anemia in children, give palm sugar(chakkara) with small onions. Chop small onions and give it with palm sugar.
Small onion is also good for piles. Boil elephant yam with small onions and eat it with ghee. It is good for piles.
Take the juice of small onions and mix it with butter milk and drink it daily. It will help to reduce the cholesterol level. Every one who have cholesterol diseases must include small onions in their daily foods.
When there is wound on the body, crush one shallot and press it on that part. It will help to avoid tetanus.
Small onions are also helpful for growing hair. For dandruff, chop small onions and boil in coconut oil. After it turned brown remove from fire. Massage this oil in warm condition with finger tips on scalp. The use for a week will give wonderful results.
For arthritis, mix mustard oil (kadukenna) and small onion juice (without water) in equal quantity and apply where the pain exists.
For lungs diseases, a drink made with small onions and honey will bring comfort .Small onion juice is also good for epileptic patients. Small onion is a wonderful medicine to stop the blocks in veins.
Prepared by the help of Dr.Raman Namboodiri's book and from my knowledge.


  1. Thnks for sharing the goodness of shallots...Love your blog:)...the black background with the green text and pink links...pretty as a queen!!! Nice to see someone from Kerala and living in Kerala...

  2. I like ulli best along with tapioca. kappa and ulli chammandhi mmm :)

  3. thanks for the info.

    umm s

  4. Thanks Bharathy and rv,
    Umms, didn't get your url?????????

  5. incase a dish says to use 8 small onions and i dont have it at home..instead i wanna use the medium size or large ones how many of it will i have to use?


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