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23 Apr 2007

Chicken 65

Again with the recipe of Mrs. Mano Saminathan.

Ingredients and preparation.

1/2 kg bone less chicken
1 teasp lime juice
1/4 teasp kesari powder
2 teasp chilli powder
1/2 of egg
11/2 tbsp cornflour
11/2 tea sp plain flour
1 tbsp soya sauce
1/2 tea sp pepper powder
1 tea sp ginger paste
1 tea sp garlic paste
1 handful of curry leaves
1/2 tea sp turmeric powder
1/4 teasp garam masala
enough salt
Mix well.
Marinate the chicken for 1 hour and deep fry them.


  1. seena, that's almost like how i make chicken 65. i don't add saffron though. i didn't upload pics on flickr this time. so can you see them now?

  2. Hi i did in some other way anyway yours looking good.Ill try yours also.Thanx for different chicken 65.

  3. Thanks Reena and Chinni,
    Try this version also. I like Mrs.Mano's dishes..

  4. I always wanted to make chicken 65..thanks for the recipe.. now i can give this a try.
    You have great collection of recipes here.

  5. Thanks Pravs! try this version..

  6. looks too good,
    nalla hotel recipe poole picture!
    will try this.

  7. Hi Seena,
    Ur picture is too tempting.I had book marked it many days back and prepared atlast and it was too good.Thanks for the recipe.

  8. thanks Viji, for the feed back! Glad to know you liked it..

  9. Hi Seena this chicken recipe looks delicious - what is kesari powder?

  10. chicken 65 mmm, what r u trying to do with these pics, make ur viewers go sluuuurp?? :) god i feel so hungry and iam doing nothing but going through your pics here coz iam stuck in a hotel without much to cook. chicken 65 kallakki keto:) take care...

  11. hi,am a fresher in cooking and am finding ur recipes easy.thank u 4 this blog...tried ur potato stew..the one u gave wth the appam recipe.gave it wth idiyappam.all liked it.also tried ur rice powder dosa but it was breaking into pieces each time i tried 2 take it fm the pan after it looked cooked.any tip 2 sort this out?

  12. thank u 4 the receipe i am trying 2 do it nowwwww!!


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