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13 Mar 2007

Fish Curry Using Coconut milk

King fish – ¼ kg
Onion – ½ chopped
Tomato -1chopped
Small onions -4
Green chilly -2
Cocum – 2 pieces or tamarind – one lemon size or raw mango – 1 or 2 according to sourness
Turmeric – ½ tea sp
Chilly powder – 1 teasp
Corriander powder – 3 tsp
Coconut milk thick – 2 cup
Curry leaves
Coconut oil

Method 1
Mix onion, tomato, all the powders, and salt with tamarind paste. Add coconut milk.
When onion is cooked add fish.
Cook till done.
Heat oil, fry chopped small onions, when it begins to turn color into brown, add curry leaves, green chilly and pour this into the curry.

Method 2
Heat oil.
Saute onion
Add all the powders when onion turns transparent.
Fry for a while.
Add tomato, and tamarind pastes.
Stir , add salt and coconut milk.
When it boils, add fish pieces.
Cook till done.
Then place curry leaves and green chilly slit on top.
Cover the lid.


  1. I will be buying fish this week as we have been buying chicken these days. Love this curry. I remember those days in cochin when my neighbour aunty used to prepare this and bring to our place , mmmmm love your recipes seena:)

  2. i wanted to know how to prepair fry fish in coconut milk... its a kerala recipe...its really delocious...

  3. Cindy, pls check the fish molee or fish onion roast recipes..

  4. its an easy n tasty fish curry. thank u seena!! :)

  5. Tamarind or Tamarind paste, didn't get it. In the ingredients it's the first and in the method, the second.


  6. Yeah guy, tamarind! De-seeded and packed, you may get in Indian grocery shops. Soak prescribed amount in hot water and extract it.

  7. its yummy,i will try it...

  8. This is really good. I made it look more reddish by adding more chilly powder and instead of oil used ghee. It was really tasty.

    Thanks for that it was awesome !!!

  9. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is so simple and really delicious :) We just gobbled it all up and finished it off :)

    Thanks :) ANd I have blogged about it too :)

  10. I tried this out today. Its the first time that I tried making fish curry. It turned out good.

  11. Instead of tamrind paste i used tom yum paste available at the Thai grocer or supermarket - just yummy


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