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12 Mar 2007

Erissery/pumpkin and dry red beans curry

Ingredients and Method
Pumpkin – 1 cup
Dry red beans – 1//2 cup
Turmeric powder -1/2 tea spoon
Pepper powder- ½ tea spoon
Coconut grated – ½ cup
Dry red chilly -1
Coconut grated – 1 table spoon
Cumin – a pinch
Curry leaves
Coconut oil

Cook red bean with water and salt.
Cook pumpkin with turmeric, pepper, salt and water enough to cover.
Mix both the above.
Blend coconut with small onions and cumin.
Pour this in the mixture of pumpkin and red beans.
Heat this mixture and stop when it begins to boil.
Heat oil, splutter mustard seeds add red chilly, grated coconut(1 table spoon) and curry leaves.
Fry till the coconut turns brown.
Pour in the curry.
I would prepare the same curry using yam, horse gram etc. using horse gram instead of red beans brings a different taste.


  1. Am going to make it RIGHT Now!
    I make it same way ..except I dont brown grated coconut. I am sure browning adds to the flavour.

  2. Thanks and this is a great receipy. Some people will fall in this receipy like me.



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